19 Decorative And Fun Crafts To Make With Plaster

Plaster is a building material we use for protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings. You can also use it for molding and casting decorative elements.

Using the term plaster only for material used for interior of buildings is not doing it justice. You can do much more with plaster.

Yes, plastering is not easy. It takes a bit of practice. But once you learn the ins and outs, and you master the practice, the sky is the limit.

If you are wondering what can you make out of plaster, just read on. There are tons of creative ideas. And if you have other suggestions, share them.

1. Maritime Canvas

Tutorial: craftideas.info

The project combines seashell and starfish plaster of Paris with canvas. The result is a set of small pictures you can use to decorate any wall in your home. Missing summer? Here is a way to bring those memories back into your home. And if you have seashells from the beach, you can use them as well.

2. Plaster Candle Votives

Tutorial: designmom.comĀ 

Candles are inviting and comforting. During the chilly and dark days, candles provide light and ambience for your home. But you can use them in any period of the year. Candles are a way to set up the mood for the event.

If you want to take candles to the next level, why not include a little message? With basic plaster and simple materials, you can create the perfect gift for your loved one.

3. Giant Clam Bowl

Tutorial: craftberrybush.com

We talked before about bringing that summer spirit in the home. Well, you can now put a decoration on your table inspired by summer. The clam bowl is ideal for storing candies, chocolates, or anything else you desire. Why settle for regular bowl, when you can have a unique one?

4. DIY Knobs

Tutorial: wellgroomedhome.com

Refurbishing your home can be expensive. But sometimes, the little details are enough. Now, in this case, we have the same duplicate as the original. But if you like, you can create a completely new and unique knob for your dresser and cabinet.

5. Sand Handprint Keepsake

Tutorial: craftattitude.com

We all take memories back with us when we come back from a holiday. They can be pictures, souvenirs we buy, or anything else. Well, we have an original idea for you. You can make this fun beach craft and take it home with you.

Here is a tutorial how to record something special from your holiday, like your hand or footprint in the sand.

6. Garden Stepping Stone

Tutorial: redkitedays.co.uk

The best part about plaster is it is not messy. It is cheap to buy, and easy to make. Here, we have another satisfying creation. You can make a decorative stepping stone for your garden.

We all know that a beautiful garden needs more than just greenery. The trick is in the details, and this stepping stone will add appeal to it. You can use anything you like for the stepping stone.

7. Dinosaur Fossils

Tutorial: safariltd.com

Dinosaurs might be extinct, but they are not forgotten. We see dinosaur toys everywhere. Now, you can make your own fossils. Use them for play activities, or just paint them and display them. The choice is yours.

8. Keychains

Tutorial: weregoingtomakeit.com

No more losing keys. The problem with keys is most of us wear them without a keychain. That is a recipe for disaster. You can easily lose your keys like that. With this simple idea, your keys will be safe and sound.

9. Plaster Air Fresheners

Tutorial: littleyellowwheelbarrow.com

Here is a neat trick how to keep the scent of essential oils in your home. Make these air fresheners, and divide them into different rooms of your home.

Choose the essential oil you like, and you are set to go. Add the oils in the plaster prior to pouring into a mold. The smell will be amazing in your home.

10. Mini Christmas Village

Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks.com

When Christmas comes, we all try to make something different and unique in our home. Well, for the next Christmas, we have a great idea.

This time, prepare a miniature Christmas village. It will light the mood when the twinkly lights decorate the dark nighttime sky. You can make it with materials lying around your home.

11. Tattooed Plaster Hands/Jewelry Holders

Tutorial: markmontano.com

Women know the struggle of keeping their jewelry organized. Boxes and boxes. But at the end of the day, most women have few favorite pieces. It is hard to find them in the clutter of boxes of jewelry.

We want to give you an option for hanging your jewelry on the table. They are great for displaying jewelry. Even stores can use them. Or put them on your table, and they are a great conversation starter.

12. Flower Candle Holders

Tutorial: susquehannastyle.com

Want to make your candles and candle holders that much more beautiful? We have an idea. These elegant silk flowers are perfect for a refreshing centerpiece. And they will cost you less than a dime.

13. Mini Planters

Tutorial: papernstitchblog.com

Usually, we paint the project after we are done with the plaster. But in this tutorial, you will learn how to make the color part of the plaster. Amazing, right?

You can tint plaster nearly any color you want without changing the consistency of the plaster. Try these planters as a starting point for your learning.

14. Plaster Dipped Flowers And Fruits

Tutorial: goldenfingers.info

Dipping flowers and plastic fruit in fine plaster can result in unusual and unique decorations for your home. You can make arrangements of all elements of the project. And you get art for a cheap price. Most people find fake silk flowers unappealing. Well, now you can turn those boring decorations into something unique.

15. Leaf Bowls

Tutorial: 2beesinapod.com

We had a summer-inspired bowl before. But if you are more into greenery and nature, let’s try something different. These leaf bowls are perfect for bringing a bit of nature’s spirit into your home. And yes, you can paint them in green if you like.

16. Designer Vase

Tutorial: craftopediasss.blogspot.com

Go to an art shop. Check the price of designer vases. Are you now ready to take on this project? You can make this vase your weekend project. Clear your schedule for one weekend, and enjoy some time crafting.

You will save a lot of money, and you will get some topic for the next conversation with friends. You can even make a vase as a gift.

17. Paperweights

Tutorial: club.chicacircle.com

The best part about this craft is the social aspect. Invite some friends, and start working. Or you can have some fine bonding time with your children. Anyway, it is a perfect weekend crafting project. And you get cute and adorable mini paperweights.

18. Eggy Plaster Vase

Tutorial: simplyhandmadestudios.com

It is just amazing what you can do with plaster and some basic ingredients. For example, here, you have a balloon, some paint, and plaster. And the result is a flower vase you can use for weddings, birthdays, and other events. It looks gorgeous.

19. Plaster Flower Wreath

Tutorial: blog.consumercrafts.com

There are different reasons why you might need a wreath on your home door. For starters, we put wreath for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and similar holidays. Now, this one is a bit more elegant and formal. You can say it is perfect for a bridal wreath. Once you master the technique, you can use the plaster for any purpose.

We would like to finish our list with this perfect wreath. We hope to see some of your ideas in the comments.

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