14 DIY Poncho Projects Perfect For Mild Weather

Ponchos are an interesting piece of clothing elegant in its simplicity. It’s great when you need to take the chill off but the occasion doesn’t call for a jacket or a zip-up hoodie.

There are many poncho designs to choose from, but the base is the same: a large piece of fabric with a hole for the head leaving the rest of the fabric freely falling over your body. It is really that simple, and just as easy to make, even if you’re not very good at sewing.

Here are some tutorials on how to make your own poncho, ranging from beginner to advanced sewing level and we even have a crochet one. Check it out and choose the poncho you’ll be rocking this season

1. No-Sew Poncho

Photo: thebestylist.wordpress.com

Starting with the easiest one, this poncho will take you no time to make and not a single stitch to sew. With a lighter material, it will make a great beach cover as well.

2. Studded Cape

Photo: apairandasparediy.com

Capes can be considered a short version of a poncho, and the way this one is done is really just a round poncho design with a split in the front. A fleece blanket is the material of choice, which you can change if you want, and the studs are pressed on. So again, easy and no actual sewing needed.

3. Flannel Poncho

Photo: andreasnotebook.com

This flannel poncho will be your favorite clothing for cozying up and relaxing. This design has an open-front and holes for the arms and you can make it in thirty minutes most.

4. Baby Wearing Poncho

Photo: fineandfairblog.com

Not all babies want to be walked around in strollers, and sometimes a baby sling is just more convenient. On milder weather you want your baby to be protected but babywear tends to be pricey. Luckily, you can make yourself this easy babywear poncho coat and be stylish and cozy together with your baby.

5. Patchwork Poncho

Photo: youmakeitsimple.com

A bit more challenging sewing poncho project, but well worth the effort. This patchwork poncho is great for kids and adults alike and you can patch it together using old clothes or left-over materials and still look dashing.

6. Five Step Poncho

Photo: marymarthamama.com

Sometimes with sewing projects measuring and cutting can be a problem, even with ponchos. Here you have a very easy square poncho with a mini cowl neck and all you need is to make one straight stitch line.

7. Knitter Squares Poncho

Photo: musingsofanoldduck.blogspot.com

Perhaps you want a knitted poncho for colder weather, but your knitting skill is still at a beginner level. That means you can make some square shapes, which is all you need for this project. Put together a few colorfully knitted squares and you can look amazing in a warm knitted poncho.

8. Hooded Wool Cape

Photo: lifesewsavory.com

While this is a great winter poncho, with lighter materials it can be a turned into a spring/summer poncho as well. The design is absolutely lovely with a hoody for unexpected rainy or windy days. Just follow the instructions and you’ll see just how easily everything goes together.

9. Olivie Ruana Crochet Poncho Pattern

Photo: hopefulhoney.com

This whimsical fall poncho will definitely be your favorite for wrapping around you and relax with a warm drink or for a leisurely walk on crisp autumn days. Certainly has kind of a wilderness design, making it a great choice for your next crochet project.

10. Poncho Shirt

Photo: mesewcrazy.com

For laid back days, loose tops and leggings or worn in jeans make a perfect outfit. And speaking of loose tops, nothing will make you feel comfier than this shirt poncho. The assembly may seem a bit tricky, but you gotta love how it turns out.

11. Audrey Inspired Cape

Photo: inhonorofdesign.com

Retro clothes never seem to lose their glamour and this Audrey Hepburn inspired cape is no exception. It is a ncie intermediate level project with stunning results and not much sewing needed.

12. High-Low Poncho

Photo: rayleneharvey.com

Poncho’s don’t have to be even all around, as shown in this project. This high-low poncho is super easy to make and can be styled and worn in a variety of ways. The different colored hoodie is another great bonus.

13. Belted Poncho Cape

Photo: papermichey.com

The one downside to ponchos is that they can be pretty annoying to wear in really windy weather since they aren’t actually secured and can bellow up. The simplest solution here is a belt, and with this poncho design, you already have one incorporated in the design. It gives you extra security and much sleeker body shape while wearing it.

14. Zipper Poncho/Skirt

Photo: trashtocouture.com

For our last poncho design idea, we suggest this two-in-one zipper poncho. This poncho can also be worn as a skirt, giving you the option of style change on the go, and who wouldn’t love that?

That’s all the poncho ideas we have for you for now. We hope we’ve inspired you to try your hand at making your own poncho for the next season and if you have tried it or have your own ideas we’d love to hear them in the comments.

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