18 DIY Yogurt Beauty Products For Healthy Skin And Hair


When you think of yogurt, you think of that healthy drink for digestive health. True, most of us consume yogurt to improve the digestive system. But yogurt is also popular in the beauty world. You can use it for different skin and hair masks.

When you are trying a yogurt mask, you can use different types of yogurt. It depends on the results you want to achieve. Yet, the plain and unflavored yogurt works best.

As for the benefits of yogurt, let’s talk about skin and hair benefits. Yogurt moisturizes the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. You can use it to prevent and fight acne, or fade blemishes. Yogurt also reduces dark circles and helps with sunburns.


For your hair, you can use yogurt to condition you hair and treat dandruff. But most importantly, yogurt helps reduce hair fall.

1. Anti-Aging Yogurt And Honey Face Mask

Recipe: makesscentsspaline.com

We mentioned yogurt can help with wrinkles and fine lines. Why use expensive anti-aging cream and lotions, when you can try a yogurt face mask? For this purpose, you can combine yogurt and honey. It is a simple, yet effective face mask. Honey helps with moisture as well, and creates an antibacterial barrier on your skin. Try it once per week and enjoy the results.

2. Avocado And Yogurt Face Mask

Recipe: naivecookcooks.com

If you need to nourish your skin, you will have hard time to find better ingredient than avocado. Considered a superfood, avocado contains lots of minerals and nutrients. But the most important benefit are the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Your skin needs them to maintain health and shine. Yogurt helps avocado penetrate deeper into the skin and condition and nourish it from the inside.


3. Coconut Milk And Yogurt Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Recipe: oleumvera.com

Some of us want a more watery face mask. If that is the case, combine two liquid ingredients. Coconut milk is another ingredient that conditions the skin. During the winter and fall, your face can benefit from a conditioning mask. Or use it anytime when you have dry skin.

4. Yogurt And Oatmeal For Sunburns

Recipe: liveabout.com

Oatmeal provides nourishment and soothes the skin. Oatmeal also contains antioxidants. They protect the skin and reverse the damage done by pollution, UV rays, and harmful chemicals. This face mask is perfect for the summer. Yes, the sun is great. We all need vitamin D. And you can get some tan. But protect your skin at the same time.

5. Turmeric And Yogurt Sin Brightening Mask

Recipe: thestripe.com

Some people want to have a brighter complexion. Yes, you can buy some expensive face brightening creams. And they work. But they also contain a lot of chemicals that might do more harm than good. We recommend an alternative solution. And that is using a turmeric and yogurt mask that can lighten and brighten the skin. It is all thanks to turmeric and its natural compounds.


6. Miracle Fenugreek Hair Mask For Hair Growth, Thickness and Dandruff

Recipe: hairbuddha.net

We mentioned that yogurt can help with hair fall. But that is just one part of the hair growth solution. You also need an ingredient that stimulates hair growth. And that is fenugreek. People who have tried the mask praise fenugreek for stimulating hair growth. They also say you get stronger hair follicles. It is worth trying.

7. Lemon Yogurt Soap

Recipe: emilyslittlehomestead.com

Yogurt can help with multiple problems at home. You can make your own palette of beauty products. One of those is a soap. Why use a classic soap that can dry your skin and contains chemicals? We have a very fresh, and amazingly scented soap with yogurt and lemon.

8.  Moisturizing Yogurt Honey and Star Anise Face Mask

Recipe: naturalfacetherapy.com

We started this article with a yogurt and honey mask. And that is great for reaping skin benefits. But if you want to take things further, we recommend adding some star anise. It helps smooth the skin. Star anise also helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and dark marks.


9. Hair Mask For Dandruff

Recipe: haircaresquare.com

We love this hair mask because it is so simple. You need only three ingredients. Those are lemon, honey, and yogurt. Basically, if you have yogurt and honey, you can solve all your beauty problems. You can use those two for face mask, but also for a hair mask. This mask conditions your skin, and helps with dry hair. That eliminates the dandruff problem at the source.

10. Coffee And Yogurt Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub

Recipe: topbeautyenhancer.com

Ask most women, and they will tell you cellulite is the number 1 skin problem they want to solve. It is right up there with acne. But acne is mostly a teenage era problem. Cellulite is a problem that worsen as we age. Coffee improves circulation, and that is how it helps with cellulite. Combine it with yogurt, and you have a skin mask that conditions the skin and penetrates deeply.

11. Hydrating Yogurt And Potato Face Mask

Recipe: ladyformula.com

This might surprise you, but potato has many skin benefits. Potato contains Vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, potassium, and calcium. Potato also provides fiber for your skin. This mask is simple and easy to make. With just two ingredients, you can prepare it no time. Just boil some potato, make a puree, and add yogurt. Mix, apply to your face, and rinse after 15 minutes.


12. Juniper Lemon Yogurt Soap With Tiger Stripes

Recipe: lovinsoap.com

We had a yogurt and lemon soap before. But that one looked simple. Now, some people want a bit more flair to their products. If that is the case, we have a soap with some stripes for you. The same benefits, just looking more cool.

13. Coconut Oil Honey And Yogurt Hair Mask

Recipe: heyitslulu.blogspot.com

You might notice by now, yogurt and honey work in any combination. At the end of the day, it depends on what you need. For example, if you need more conditioning and moisturizing, you add coconut oil. The oil promotes scalp health, and adds luster and shine to the hair.

14. Greek Yogurt Face Mask For Acne And Dry Skin

Recipe: laurenconrad.com

This might be the simplest yogurt face mask you can make. You might be wondering, why probiotics capsule? Well, your skin needs good bacteria to fight off acne. Probiotics provide antibacterial properties to your skin. And that is what you need for acne.


15. Yogurt And Rice Powder Scalp Scrub

Recipe: incognitomuse.com

Scalp scrubs do wonders for your hair. They work similar to skin scrubs. They exfoliate the skin of the scalp. That helps remove dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, and other impurities. The result is clean and clear scalp. This allows proper hair growth without any obstacles.

16. Yogurt And Quinoa Skin Exfoliant

Recipe: refinery29.com

Speaking of exfoliating masks, we have one for your skin as well. Quinoa seeds help remove dead skin cells, but also provide other benefits for the skin. For example, quinoa can brighten and enhance your skin. But more importantly, quinoa adds texture to the skin. The result is richer and more vibrant skin. Perfect for the summer when you show off your skin at the beach.

17. Strawberry Yogurt Face Mask For Age Spots

Recipe: paulaparrish.blogspot.com

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. They make excellent face masks. Strawberries work best for oily skin. They also nourish and revitalize your skin. Because they are acidic in nature, strawberries can remove excess sebum from the skin. Combine them with yogurt, and you have a mask that will moisturize your skin, remove dark spots, and promote healing.


18. Aloe Vera-Hibiscus and Yogurt Hair Mask

Recipe: netmeds.com

Aloe vera is the most popular ingredient in the beauty industry. You can find it in almost any cream, lotion, and similar products. For your hair, aloe vera helps repair dead skin cells on the scalp. At the same time, aloe vera conditions your hair and promotes hair growth. Basically, everything yogurt does, aloe vera does it better. Combine them for a potent mask.

We hope you enjoyed our list of yogurt beauty products. You can make them at the convenience of your home in a matter of minutes. They are much better and safer alternative than cosmetic products.

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