16 Satisfying DIY’s To Keep Calm And Relieve Stress

Physical or emotional stimulus can bot cause stress. People speak of different types of stress. The most common might be work stress. But you also have relationship stress, parenting stress, economical stress, and so on. Social and financial problems are the two main risk factors.

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 33% of people repot extreme stress. An even bigger number, 77% experience stress that affects their physical health. Almost the same number of people experience stress that impacts the mental health.

Some causes for stress include divorce, loss of a job, increase in financial obligations, death of a close one, chronic illness, moving to a new home, emotional problems, and so on.

It is up to you to find your best way to cope with stress. There is no one-cure-for-all solution here. Thankfully, we have a couple of ideas how to reduce stress in your life. And they are all cheap and affordable DIY options. Read on.

1. Zen Garden

Tutorial: projectswithkids.com

We start off with a decoration for your home. After all, the home is where you come to relax and chill. If you reduce stress in your home, you will reduce stress all around you. It is easy to be calm when you have peace and quiet at home.

2. Calming Bath Salts

Tutorial: nutritionstripped.com

A bath salt is one of the classic treatments for reducing stress. Salt baths help by reducing inflammation and tension in the muscles. They also provide pain relief and stress relief. The best part about salt baths is they easy to make. And you can incorporate them in your regular bath routine.

3. Aromatherapy Play Dough

Tutorial:  skiptomylou.org

As you will see down the list, aromatherapy is one of the best ways to reduce stress in your life. Several years ago, the Western world hadn’t heard about aromatherapy. But it is all different now. Bonus: this treatment is a two in one treatment. You relieve stress by preparing the dough. Working something different takes your mind out off of the stressful situation. And then when you enter the bath, you reap the benefits of the calming ingredients in the dough.

4. Cooling Stress And Headache Relief Lotion

Tutorial: thethingswellmake.com

You can apply this lotion every day. It contains lots of helpful ingredients for reducing stress. As you can imagine, essential oils are the key to stress relief. Nowadays, essential oils have become important part of our life. We use them for different purposes, and one of them is stress relief.

5. Mindfulness Jar

Tutorial: blissfulkids.com

These jars might look like something simple and nothing more. No fuss, you might say. Wrong. They work in a specific way. The jars make you pay attention to your senses. And when you do that, you shift your focus from the emotions and thoughts. Instead of worrying for something stressful happening, you focus your mind on positive things. It is simple, yet very powerful tool. And you can use it with your kids.

6. Liquid Calm Oil

Tutorial: crazyadventuresinparenting.com

This might be the best on-the-go solution for pain and stress relief. Prepare a couple of bottles at home. Always carry one with you in the bag. Whenever you feel stressed, just apply the liquid calm. You need a travel-size stress-relief.

7. Stress Balls

Tutorial: weareteachers.com

These stress balls work similar to the stress balls you can buy at the store. They help you shift your focus. Basically, you just grab the balls and squeeze them. By working with your hands, you take your mind off the negative thoughts and situations. We recommend keeping a pair of them at your workplace.

8. Stress Relief Bath Bombs

Tutorial: themommymix.net

We had some salt bath bombs. But these take your bath time to the next level. Made with essential oils, these bath bombs provide a spa-treatment. And at the convenience of your home. You can experiment with different essential oils. Luckily for you, we have proven and tested options to try.

9. Terrarium Diffuser

Tutorial: theinspiredroom.net

Planting a garden is one of the best stress-relief activities you can try. Working in a garden is calming and therapeutic experience. Now, most people live in apartments nowadays. You cannot have a big garden. But you can make a small garden at home. This guide will show you how to make an easy succulent terrarium diffuser garden. Practical, and beneficial for your. Bonus: plants clean the air in your home.

10. Water Bead Stress Ball

Tutorial: bitzngiggles.com

The water bead stress ball works like any stress-relief ball. You squeeze it. Well, in this case, we have different ingredients. If you want a fun and easy project you can do with your kids, you will love the ball. It is an awesome toy kids can use. And at the same time, adults can use it to relieve stress.

11. Relaxing Bath Melts

Tutorial: happymoneysaver.com

We love these bath melts for two reasons. For starters, they are effective. But the shape is even better. Motivational speakers often repeat “love yourself”. Well, why don’t you treat yourself with a love-themed bath? Light up some candles, play some calming music, and enjoy your “me time”.

12. Stress Relief Balm

Tutorial: bulkapothecary.com

You can whip up this recipe in no time. A small amount goes a long way. The powerful and potent blend contains several beneficial essential oils. For example, eucalyptus is refreshing and cooling. Orange essential oil promotes detoxification. And cinnamon leaf helps you energize and awaken your senses. There are many more benefits, but we just wanted to tease you.

13. Aromatherapy Candle Diffuser With Himalayan Salts

Tutorial: naturalbeautyworkshop.com

Put these candles around your home, and you will slowly notice the negative energy floating away. Himalayan salt helps improve concentration, and remove negative ions from the home. The salt also provides a boost of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This is the popular transmitter which creates the feeling of happiness.

14. Stress Relieving Foot Soak

Tutorial: joyelick.com

This might come as a surprise. But stress can come from different places of your body. We often neglect our feet. Just think of this for a second. How much time you spend daily walking and standing still? All that pressure can cause your feet to feel itchy, swollen, and tired. Time to pamper them. The foot soak will help your feet relax and relieve tension. Do it once a week to keep them fresh.

15. Self-Massage With Tennis Ball

Tutorial: h2tmuscleclinic.com

Of course a massage helps with stress. After all, the most popular term is a “relax massage”. This is a massage that helps you relieve tension in your muscles. But we cannot always go for a massage. We might not have time. Or the massage is too expensive. You can massage different parts of your body at home, but the back is the tricky part. Not anymore. This DIY tennis ball massage can help you reach places you could never before.

16. Zen Tea Blend

Tutorial: sweetlizzy.ca

Time for a cup of tea to finish our list of DIY ideas to keep you calm. A cup of tea is always a good idea. And the trick is finding the right ingredients for your tea. We made a specific zen tea blend that will keep the stress away.

Feel free to suggest other ideas to relieve stress. We need to keep this silent killer away. And we all have our different method for coping with stress. What is yours?

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