21 Sites With Frozen 2 Coloring Pages For Free

Frozen and Frozen 2 are some of the most successful animated movies. The first movie earned more than $1.28 billion at the box office. And Frozen 2 topped that with $1.5 billion earnings. Frozen 2 actually earned the record as the highest-grossing animated movie of all time.

The adventures of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and the others are exciting. And kids are not the only ones watching them. Frozen can be classified as a movie for adults as well. There are so many lessons to be learned from the movie.

With that in mind, today we will talk more about childish stuff. As in, painting Frozen characters. Here are a couple of coloring pages you can get for free.

1. Elsa

Photo: cristinapicteaza.com

We have to start with the Ice Queen. Elsa is the main character of Frozen. She is the character young girls want to be. And we start off our list with a beautiful picture of her.

2. Young Anna And Elsa

Photo: coloring-book.info

Both the first and second installment of Frozen take a look at the childhood years of Elsa and Anna. What events shaped their life and their character.

3. Frozen 2 Cast

Photo: justcolor.net

The cast of Frozen is much larger. But these five are the main character everyone liked. And it is fitting Olaf is in the front. He is among the most comedic characters of all time.

4. Sven And Kristoff

Photo: mamalikesthis.com

The friendship between Sven and Kristoff is one of a kind.  These two can tackle any problem in front of them. And find a solution that does no harm.

5. Olaf

Photo: cartonionline.com

You just have to love Olaf. How can you not? He is a talking snowman. He is fun, witty, smart, intelligence, and often the glue of the entire movie. He keeps everyone together.

6. Anna And Elsa The Journey Connects Us

Photo: internet-toys.com

When you embark on a journey with your best friend and sister, adventure lies ahead. Start on an adventure by painting this picture of the two sisters.

7. Elsa’s Power

Photo: youloveit.com

Elsa’s power is to create ice and snow. She is the Ice Queen after all. The two movies only scratched the surface of her full potential and power. We cannot wait to see what she will do in other upcoming movies.

8. Pretty Anna

Photo: pianetabambini.it

Anna has a reputation of being shy, laid-back, and down to earth girl. But she is a beautiful and pretty girl. This picture shows her beauty on full display.

9. Nokk

Photo: bubakids.com

Nokk is a mystical water spirit. Yes, he does look like a horse. And he is just what Elsa needs in Frozen. This amazing creature is too beautiful to ignore.

10. Bruni

Photo: clipart.email

We got to see a lot of unique characters in Frozen 2. Bruni is one of them. He is a salamander of innocuous appearance and inhabitant of the Enchanted Forest. He quickly bonds to those with patience to understand him.

11. Sven And Olaf

Photo: crayola.com

Sven and Olaf are the “pets” of the main characters of the movie. And often, they shine brighter than their human stars. That applies especially for Olaf.

12. Snowflake Elsa

Photo: kasiapisanski.com

Well, when you are an ice queen, a snowflake is part of your character. The snowflake is unique. And when you look at it from a distance, it looks like a massive blanket. It is a symbol of the individuality. Delicate and short-lived, the snowflake also represents fragility.

13. Toddlers Anna And Elsa

Photo: coloring1.com

We said before Frozen and Frozen 2 try to explain the backstory of Anna and Elsa. We see them in their adult years for most of the movie. But they were amazing as toddlers as well.

14. Olaf Reading

Photo: abcworksheet.com

Is there anything Olaf cannot do? He solves mysteries, he can perform tasks, and he can talk. But according to the movie, he cannot read properly. He reads upside down.

15. Elsa And Honeymaren

Photo: coloring-pages.info

Some people didn’t like the Honeymaren character in Frozen 2. The simple reason is the rather obvious homosexual attraction with Elsa. The movie didn’t paint a picture of them as girlfriends. But a lot of people think of them as a couple. Nevertheless, these two had amazing chemistry on screen. And they show it on a picture as well.

16. Frozen 2 Team

Photo: vaprilgolightly.com

This is the team ready to conquer any problem and tackle any task. Just look how confident they look on the picture. And Olaf is the best!

17. Chibi Elsa And Anna

Photo: clipart-library.com

Frozen is a worldwide success. Elsa and Anna are popular in almost every part of the world. This painting is a proof of that. Chibi is a Japanese slang describing something short. And there are tons of Chibi characters, with Elsa and Anna now joining them.

18. Frozen Happy Birthday

Photo: hmcoloringpages.com

If you want to wish a Happy Birthday to a Frozen fan, here is a painting for that. You can use it as the wrapping of your gift.

19. Sisters

Photo: birijus.com

You just have to include several paintings of Anna and Elsa if you make a Frozen coloring pages. These two love each other with all their heart.

20. Elsa And Anna With Landscape

Photo: fletcherrowley.com

One of the most amazing parts of Frozen is the landscape and the nature. And it is an animated movie, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Here is a painting to go to the winter wonderland with Elsa and Anna.

21. Frozen Lego

Photo: familyfriendlywork.org

Well, it is only logical we finish off with two highly successful franchises. One is Lego, the worldwide leader in toys. And then there is Frozen. Any movie or animated movie that wants to be successful, has to have Lego characters.

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