23 Tutorials To Gorgeously Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle

One third of alcohol drinkers in America prefer wine. That is a good enough percentage. Chances are, at least one of your friends loves wine. And enjoys drinking it.

Now, for many wine lovers, the bottle is more than enough. But why stop there? Since you are giving a gift, you want to make it as beautiful looking as possible.

Today, we will discuss some ideas how to wrap a bottle of wine. Do not be the person that rushes to the store, gets a bottle of wine, and gets just a bag for the wine.

1. Three Wrapping Paper Wrap With Fun Tops

Tutorial: rexlondon.com

You need good wrapping paper, and you are set to go. Be careful with the design of the wrapping paper. You want something that is elegant, yet fun. Finish off with a fun top.

2. Side Fan Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: instructables.com

The anxiety while unwrapping the gift is too much for some people. They rush and rip the paper apart. Well, you can stop that by giving your friend a bottle that is only wrapped in half. Leave the other half visible. It looks elegant, sophisticated, and simply amazing.

This might be a great idea for a business partner.

3. Two Wine Bottles Cloth Wrap

Tutorial: ravengrrl.blogspot.com

What is better than a bottle of wine? Two bottles of wine. If you go with a white and red combination of wine, wrap them together. It looks like a great gift package.

4. Ribbon Wrap Wine Bottle

Tutorial: ginatepper.com

Some people want to keep things simple, yet elegant and beautiful. That is when the ribbon comes into play. Ribbons are also great when you are wrapping a wine for your loved one. Romantic, sexy, and cultural. And if the wine is good, you are guaranteed a fun night.

5. Rhinestone Covered Wine Bottle

Tutorial: madincrafts.com

Let’s sparkle. This might seem a bit too much for some people. But who are we to argue? Every man to his own taste. Different people like different things. So, if you have a friend or someone you know that loves sparkles and glitter, this might be your gift wrapping idea.

6. Japanese Style Fan Wrap

Tutorial: washingtonpost.com

The best part about this gift wrapping idea is you need a couple of minutes only. Works great for a last-minute idea. Of course, you have to find some Japanese style wrapping paper before. Follow the instructions for the specific way of wrapping.

7. Sweater Sleeve Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: thatswhatchesaid.net

The subtle message here is “I like to keep you warm and cozy”. Do you have someone like that in your life? Time to show him/her the appreciation. Whether you will use an old sweater, or you are fine ripping a new one apart, that is up to you. We just show you the idea.

8. Fancy Crape Paper Bouquet Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: icreativeideas.com

Wine and flowers are a classic combination. In this case, you do not need to buy a separate bouquet. You can attach one to the wine bottle. Go with a green wrapping paper. It looks best for the flowers combination.

9. Easy Paper Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: womenlabs.com

You do not always have time for a complex wrapping. Sometimes you just have a minute or two to wrap the bottle. Well, if that is the case, here is an easy paper wrapping idea you can try.

10. Cloth Bow Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: blog.cottonandflax.com

Wrapping a wine bottle in clothes is always a good idea. As long as you have clothes you can use. It gives your gift a more elegant feeling.

11. Santa Wine Bottle Holder

Tutorial: blog.fabriclandwest.com

Time for some Christmas decorations. During the holidays, a wine is a courtesy gift. You give one to the host of the Christmas dinner. Or whenever you go to someone’s home. Well, now you can sprinkle some Christmas spirit on your friends with a wine bottle gift.

12. Modern Shredded Paper Wine Wrap

Tutorial: katescreativespace.com

If you want to be more artistic, here is an idea you might like. This might be gift wrapping idea straight from a museum. Your host will definitely appreciate the elegance of the bottle. Truth be told, we would be sorry to unwrap this gift. It looks amazing.

13. Glitter Covered Wine Bottle

Tutorial: rosyscription.com

We had a wine bottle covered in rhinestones. Now, we go the glitter way. Whatever you choose from these two ideas, your wine bottle will sparkle. Perfect for a celebration like a New Year’s Eve. That is the time when you sparkle.

14. Canvas Wine Bag With Or Without Handles

Tutorial: papernstitchblog.com

This is a nice tweak to a classic idea. We usually bring wine bottles in a paper or wine bag. Well, make your own bag to make the gift a bit more personal. Everyone appreciates a personal touch. Time to be more creative.

15. Burlap Wine Bottle Bag

Tutorial: mom4real.com

The beauty here is that the receiver doesn’t know what is inside. Unlike most gift wrapping ideas that are obvious, this one is not. And that ups the ante. The anxiety and waiting provide an adrenaline rush. Just be careful, you do not want your host to be disappointed when all he finds is a wine bottle.

16. Three Fast Ways To Gift Wrap A Bottle

Tutorial: domestikatedlife.com

Nescafe made an empire with their catchphrase, 2 in 1 and 3 in 1. Well, let’s try a 3 in 1 gift wrapping ideas? Try any of these simple ways to wrap your wine bottle. Perfect for last-minute ideas when you are in a hurry.

17. Posh Fur Bottle Bag

Tutorial: kristimurphy.com

Do not worry. PETA will not come after you. No animals are killed in production of faux fur. And it is one of the most elegant ways to wrap something.

18. Crepe Paper Flower Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: liagriffith.com

If you are worried about the environment, go with crepe paper. It is disposable tissue paper. Being eco-friendly is a huge aspect nowadays. We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint. You can do it while giving your friends a bottle of wine.

19. Furoshiki Cloth Bottle Wrap With Handle

Tutorial: remodelista.com

Simple, yet amazing. That is the best way to describe this decoration. The best part is you can easily carry the wine bottle. Grab the handle, and take it to your host.

20. Playful Wine Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: origamispirit.com

Some might say the decorations look childish. But hey, some people actually love a colorful gift. And you have to love the specific message. If you have friends that live in a colorful world, you can now find them a perfect gift.

21. Cellophane And Tissue Paper Bottle Wrap

Tutorial: simpleinspirationslastingimpressions.com

This is the common way we wrap wine bottles. You can use this wrapping when you have to travel. Tissue paper keeps the wine in place and protected in your suitcase.

22. Cloth Bottle Wrap With Twisted Top

Tutorial: wuhaonyc.com

The trick here is finding amazing cloth. After that, you are good to go. And do not worry, we have instructions how to make that twisted top. You will be surprised. It is extremely easy.

23. Chocolate Pineapple Wine Bottle

Tutorial: diy-enthusiasts.com

Wine and chocolate might be the most popular combination in terms of alcohol. It is only fitting that we finish with such combination. And we love the pineapple looking wrapping. Have fun making it.

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