16 Other Interesting Uses For Old Picture Frames

Pictures are captured moments of our lives, found memories we love gazing upon with fondness. It is why we used to cover our walls with them. Sadly, that homey tradition is fading away. Today, we have hundreds of pictures at our fingertips in our phones or computers and we rarely feel the need to just print them out and put them in a nice frame.

Picture frames are still around, loved by those of us with a more nostalgic sense of decor, and because they make interesting last-minute gifts for friends or relatives. It is even safe to say that we can find at least one picture frame at home that will never be used for holding a picture.

Don’t throw that picture frame just yet, for we will show you just how to put that old picture frame to good use. Some of the projects are decorative, some handy, but all will spark your creativity and renew the love for frames we used to have.

Here’s the list of picture frame projects we’ve prepared for you.

1. Picture Key Holder

Photo: everydaydishes.com

Having a designated space for the keys we use on a daily bases is a very smart and time-saving idea, which few of us actually use. Bowls or trays near the front door usually do the job, however, for a more organized approach, you must try this picture frame key holder project. It is too adorable to pass on.

2. Pedestal Side Table

Photo: richmondthrifter.blogspot.com

Side tables are very handy and very easy to make yourself, even if you’re a beginner at DIY. You don’t even need any special materials, just use something you already have. Like this chic looking side table, created with an old picture frame, a lamp base, and some paint. It really can be that easy.

3. Hanging Plant Holder

Photo: enthrallinggumption.com

Spring is the perfect time for getting a new plant. They brightening up your home and mood and the best way to go around it is with a hanging planter. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry, a picture frame and some ropes will solve that problem right away.

4. Shadow Box Bank

Photo: amomstake.com

Piggy banks are good for kids, and there are shadow boxes banks are a good step up for adults that are big on saving their change.  They are both decorative and useful and now you can customize one to suit your style. All you need is a shadow box picture frame and some printables. Easy, neat and fun.

5. Framed Barnyard Lanterns

Photo: hip2save.com

Antique barnyard lanterns are excellent decor pieces if you’re going for a more country style, unfortunately, they are hard to find and can be quite pricey. But, if you’re set on owning some, you can recreate them with some picture frames and no one will ever know the difference.

6. Essential Oil Display Shelf Organizer

Photo: creativegreenliving.com

Essential oils have many uses from diffusers to creating home beauty products. However, they come in such small bottles they are easily lost in the clutter of the drawer. Keep them organized and at hand in this cute little essential oil display, made from small picture frames.

7. Charging Station

Photo: thediymommy.com

Some would argue that you don’t need something holding your phone while it charges since you can simply put it on the counter or on the floor. Yet, wouldn’t you agree that this picture frame phone and tablet holder look just amazing? And they are out of the way too, so there’s less chance of accidentally pushing over the table.

8. Cork Board

Photo: sadieseasongoods.com

Cork bulletin boards are great for people who like being organized or just keeping track of things they want or need to do. Get yourself a cork sheet and an old picture frame and make yourself some stylish bulletin board for your own organizing purposes.

9. Upcycled Abacus 

Photo: mamaisdreaming.blogspot.com

Abacuses may be a thing of the past for us, but kids still find them amusing. Especially if the beads are colorful and sparkly. A picture frame, bamboo skewers and acrylic beads will help you make the sparkliest abacus ever and make solving math problems a lot easier and fun.

10. Faux Succulent Planter 

Photo: abutterflyhouse.com

Terrariums look lovely and are easy to maintain. This terrarium is absolutely gorgeous and with the fake succulents doesn’t need more care than the initial assembly. It’s a fairly easy project with a beauty factor worthy of the small effort you out in it.

11. Spring Wreath

Photo: recreateddesigns.com

For those who love putting wreaths on their door, here is an idea to put your wreath above others of its kind and won’t take ages to assemble. A colored picture frame and a simple bouquet of flowers hang upside down is all you need for a lovely minimalist yet gorgeous wreath for your door.

12. Chalkboard Herb Drying Rack 

Photo: housefulofhandmade.com

Many people prefer growing and drying their own spices. Here’s a very simple solution to keeping track of which plant is which while they dry. A picture frame chalkboard and some strings. Write the name under the drying spice and just wipe it off once it’s all gone, leaving room for more.

13. Fence Framing 

Photo: fivepaintedlane.com

We decorate our walls to make our home prettier, so why not decorate that large empty fence to make the backyard prettier too. Hang up some flower pots and place a frame over them. Instant natural flower picture for your yard.

14. Sunglasses Holder

Photo: pullteeth.net

This is an old and popular use for picture frames, so we had to include it on our list. A sunglasses organizer made from a picture frame and some strings. And if you don’t have so many sunglasses, the same project can be used for organizing jewelry or other smaller object cluttering in your drawer.

15. Serving Tray

Photo: organizedisland.com

A few extra serving trays are always good to have in the kitchen, but before you go out and buy some, see if you have any unused picture frames around. Take it and put some handles on the sides, and you have a fine new and sturdy serving tray.

16. Layered Frame Gallery Wall

Photo: makelyhome.com

For our last project, we come closer to the original purpose of the picture frame. The twist is that instead of putting framed pictures on the walls, we just make an abstract wall art by sticking together some empty picture frames in various sizes. The effect is quite lovely, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s all the ideas for reusing picture frames we have for now. We hope you enjoyed them and you’ll try making some of them for yourself. Have fun creating and share with us your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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