24 Ideas For Amazing Modern Bookshelves You’ll Want

You might think why do I need bookshelves? More and more people are moving over to eBooks. But the reality is that hard copy books will never go away. And there is a different feeling reading an eBook and a hard copy book.

If you have a lot of books at home, things can get messy easily. Books can contribute to clutter. And all you need to solve everything is a decent bookshelf.

What makes a perfect bookshelf? Well, for starters, it must have a lot of storage space for your books. And it should look amazing and fit the interior.

Today, we have a couple of ideas that fit those requirements. Take a look at some of our ideas to organize your home library.

1. Oval Placed Bookshelves

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We start off with a rather simple, but yet amazing bookshelf. On first glance, this bookshelf is simple. All you need is some wooden shelves and position them on the wall. But the beauty is in the shape. Look how the shelves go from short to longer and then back to shorter length.

2. Zig-Zag Corner Bookshelves

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The reality is a lot of people do not have a lot of space in their home for a bookshelf. When that is the case, you have to use the “dead space”. That is space that you have hard time finding some purpose for. Think of the corner, for example. Well, with this idea, you can turn that dead space corner into functional bookshelf.

3. Abstract Bookshelves

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Modern shelves usually means unique design and shape. In this case, we have some abstract looking shelves. It is all about finding an unconventional shape that fits your home.

4. Arrow Bookshelves

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Here is another shape that will look amazing in your modern styled home. Bonus: you can make these shelves built-in. As in build them inside the wall to save even more space. Neat, right?

5. Rocket Bookshelves

Photo: thehandymansdaughter.com

Some might say the bookshelf looks a bit childish. Others will say it looks modern. But the reality is, there is a buyer for every product. And if you are into some space-looking bookshelves, here is an idea to try in your home. The best part is you can easily create this bookshelf.

6. Bloom Bookshelves

Photo: fubiz.net

When you thin of bookshelves, you usually think of shelves. Well, that shouldn’t always be the case. Here is an idea for an unconventional and rather strange design. But it does get the job done. You can store a lot of books there.

7. Wood Trunk Corner Bookshelves

Photo: instagram.com

We had an idea for the corner dead space before. But now we have some rustic idea that fits right into a modern design setting. You just need one quality wood trunk piece. And from there, you just build it like a tree.

8. Colorful Staircase Bookshelves

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Modern interior is usually black and white. And there is always a need for some color. Well, why don’t you add some splash of color with your bookshelves? These vibrant yellow shelves will bright up your day.

9. Interconnected Cube Bookshelves

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You can make these bookshelves from old crates. Think of it as an upcycle project for the weekend. Yes, it will take some time and effort. But in the end, the result is well worth it.

10. Copper Pipe Bookshelves

Photo: aredember.com

Industrial design is quite popular in the past few years. And the trick with industrial design is that you need just one or two pieces in the home. Subtle and small pieces like this bookshelf work the best. With one copper wire, you can create an entire bookshelf.

11. Desk Tree Bookshelf

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Here is an idea for those lacking some extra space. You don’t have to turn the corner into a bookshelf. You can make a small deck tree bookshelf and place it on your working desk. You can always find some space for a bookshelf.

12. Macrame Hanging Bookshelves

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There are many styles that work wonderfully in a modern setting. We had some rustic bookshelves, we had an industrial bookshelf, and now we turn to boho style. Boho is a style that shows the casual way of living. It is a bit of a live freely spirit. And that is what some people need in their home.

13. Tuck-Away Bookshelves

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The beauty here is you can always open or close the bookshelf. Tuck in or out as you need to put books. When you tuck the shelves in, you save space. And the shelves look amazing, like an art piece on your wall.

14. Around The Corner Bookshelves

Photo: contemporist.com

As you can see, there are a couple of ways you can create a corner bookshelf. We had a shelf positioned right in the corner. But you can also make it go around the corner. In both cases, you use the dead space in the corner. You get storage space out of nothing.

15. Clef Bookshelves

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Now this is a bookshelf that takes design into a next level. The clef is a musical symbol indicating the pitch of written notes. And you can create the symbol on your wall as an artistic element. And you get a tone of storage space for your books.

16. Tilted Square Bookshelves

Photo: en.dekoration724.online

We said before that when it comes to modern interior design, the secret is in the shape. The more unconventional a shape is, the better it looks. And you can turn rather simple, common, and frankly boring shapes into something sensational. Just rotate them a bit. That is all you need.

17. Connected Diamond Bookshelves

Photo: instagram.com

Let’s continue with the idea of unique shapes and forms. This bookshelf is just tailor made for an urban and modern apartment. You have a dash of color. And you have enough storage for books. Not to mention, it fits right into the interior design.

18. Sting Hanging Books

Photo: instagram.com

Some people just need to carve as much storage space for books as possible. They don’t or need anything fancy. They need something that gets the job done. And if you are looking for that, here is a beautiful and smart idea how to get more and more storage for your books.

19. Minimalist Pipe Corner Bookshelves

Photo: instagram.com

We had an industrial design bookshelf with just one copper wire. Well, now let’s take industrial design to the next level. This maze of shelves is just perfect to store all your books at home.

20. Warping Bookshelves

Photo: ippinka.com

Take a closer look, and the bookshelf looks like the eye of Horus. It is always a good idea to add some specific design elements into the home. And pay tribute to foreign cultures.

21. Flower Arranged Block Bookshelves

Photo: instagram.com

Now here is an idea for something guests will admire when coming to your home. Do you want a prominent and amazing bookshelf? Well, make a flower out of it. It will take some craftsmanship and work, but the end result is just too good.

22. Optical Illusion Drawn Bookshelves

Photo: shoeboxdwelling.com

What is an optical illusion? It is a trick to make something look bigger or smaller. Or look like there is something when there is nothing. Optical illusion bookshelves play right to the spirit of modern design.

23. Modern Geometric IronĀ  Bookshelves

Photo: instagram.com

Geometry is a huge part of the interior design lately. Geometric forms and shapes are making a big comeback to the interior design. And with that in mind, here is a great way to add some geometry to your home. And at the same time, create more storage space for your books.

24. Letter READ Bookshelves

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What do you do with books? You read them, right? Well, with that in mind, we finish off the list of modern bookshelves with the tribute to the verb for books.

We hope you like our list. And we would like to see your bookshelves. Feel free to share images of them in the comments section.

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