14 Soothing DIY Foot Soaks For Summer Ready Feet

Of all the body parts, our feet are the most used but the least taken care of. Just think about it, we might spend half the day or longer walking around only, and at the end of the day, we complain more about the legs than the feet. We might wash them daily or do a pedicure from time to time, but that’s about it.

Most people often don’t realize or forget just how important our feet are for the proper posture and health of our entire body. We tend to look at foot care as a way to make our feet look good, meaning neat nails and no cracked heels.

There’s more to the feet than that, but instead of going into the many benefits of proper feet care, let’s just stick to the basic and say that your feet and body deserve a proper foot soak from time to time.

In the list you’ll find here we made a selection of foot soaks that will help you solve or at least relieve some of the most common foot problems and aches. Check it out and we see if you’ll find the remedy for your foot problem.

1. Honey Lemon Foot Soak

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You might know that the honey-lemon combination is good for your health, but it’s also great for your feet. This foot soak will moisturize and relax tired and dry feet, and with the antibacterial properties of honey, it will even speed up the healing of any blisters that have developed during the day.

2. Coffee Foot Soak For Smelly Feet

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No matter how much we try, we can’t prevent our feet from smelling a bit funky after being closed and sweating in footwear all day. There are many powders and remedies available to help in preventing foot odor, but before you empty out your wallet, give this coffee foot soak a try. It’s both soothing and quite effective, and all you have to lose are two cups of coffee and a gallon of water.

3. Clay Foot Soak For Tired Feet

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Here’s another foot soak for tired feet you can prepare in advance and take out when needed. With two ingredients, the healing bentonite clay, and some tea tree essential oil, all you’ll have to do after a long day’s work is add water and soak away.

4. Reviving Foot Soak

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Your feet are bound to become a bit puffy after spending most of the day on them. Give them a reviving soothing soak, affordable and made from salts that will help with the puffiness as well as ease dry skin exfoliation, remedy fungal infections and reduce stress levels.

5. Soothing Herbal Foot Soak

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A foot soak doesn’t have to be just for soothing the feet, rather it can a full sensory relief. This foot soak made from salts and calming herbs will be beneficial not only for relieving many of your oot problems, but but your entire body will also feel more relaxed after breathing in the scents from the soak.

6. Milk And Bigelow Tea Foot Soak

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Milk, even the powdered variety is great for softening and moisturizing the skin on the feet, making it easier to remove all the dry skin, leaving your feet nice and smooth. The Epson salt and tea help in deodorizing, disinfecting and soothing tired feet and body.

7. Citrus Olive Oil Foot Soak

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This citrus soak is a good choice for a more fragrant and natural foot soak without the use of salts. The citrus acid will soften the skin, help ease aches and pains and eliminate toxins. Just be careful if you have any wounds, it might sting.

8. Detox Foot Bath With Batteries 

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Detox foot soaks are becoming quite popular, helping to remove toxins from your body through the feet. With this tutorial you can enjoy professional-level detox foot soak at home, using nine volts batteries and some spoons. It is easy to put together and results might surprise you.

9. Sage And Rosemary Foot Soak For Stinky Feet

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Many people have problems with smelly and sweaty feet. This sage foot soak can solve both those problems and some more. The sage has properties that remove bad foot odor, cleanse and aid in reducing the activity of the sweat glands in the feet. Less sweat, fewer chances of creating a bacteria-friendly environment.

10. Rice, Vinegar, Salt And Olive Oil For Cracked Heels

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Calluses and dry feet don’t need much to make better, but cracked heels are another problem. They not only have thicker dry skin for removing but also can be quite painful. This foot soak acts as a powerful moisturizer while being gentle on your feet.

11. Listerine And Vinegar Foot Soak For Cracked Heels

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Another great ingredient for cracked heels and any fungal infection is Listerine. Combined with some vinegar, you get a foot soak that will fight toenail fungus, bad foot odor and it even brightens the toenails after a few uses. That’s one complete foot soak for beach-ready feet.

12. Customized Foot Soak For Tired Feet

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There are many different preferences when it comes to choosing the right ingredients for a foot soak, depending on what you want to treat. In this tutorial, you can choose the right ingredients for the ultimate foot soak. Just read the properties of each ingredient listed and you can customize your very own super-effective and natural foot soak.

13. Neem And Mint Foot Soak For Smooth Feet

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For our last foot soak recipe, we suggest trying this gentle neem and mint foot soak. It helps reduce swelling, soothes aches and heals wounds, and it smells absolutely refreshing.

That’s all the foot soak ideas we have for you for now. We hope they will convince you to take better care of your feet and just treat yourself with some much-needed rest and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. We’d love to hear your experience with these or other foot soaks in the comments.

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