15 Water Balloon Games For Splashing Good Time

Water balloon games are a summer must have. You can spent hours playing different water balloon games. And both adults and kids enjoy them.

Water balloon games are some of kids’ favorite activities during the summer. They make for a great birthday party theme or a great way to wrap up an event.

These games work for families or bigger groups of people. You can play them at birthday parties, family reunions, camps, or anytime you have outdoor space and a group of people.

After searching high and low for some of the best games, we’ve put a list of the best you can try. Read on.

1. Water Balloon Jousting

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Let’s start with a medieval themed game. Jousting is a martial game between two horsemen wielding lances with blunted tips. This game was usually part of a tournament.

Now, you can add a fine touch to it. Try the inexpensive party game that will play right into your summer activities. All you need is a bunch of inexpensive materials like foam kickboard, pool noodle, duct tape, water balloons, and a plastic fork.

2. Water Balloon Math

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Ask any kid to tell you what his best way of learning is. Most of them will tell you learning through playing. And we tend to cater to those needs. This will be one of your kids’ favorite activities in the summer. You can set it up in your yard and do some math.

Start by gathering the materials. Besides water balloons, you need some number targets, page protectors, bean bags, hula hoops, and a sharpie.

3. Water Balloon Slingshot

Photo: instructables.com

A slingshot is a small hand-powered projectile weapon. But we do not use it here for military purposes. We use it for fun and playful activities. You can make water balloon slingshots to play with your friends. And it will take you just a few minutes to set it up.

4. Water Balloon Basketball

Photo: funlearningforkids.com

Yep, you can even play basketball with water balloons if you like. Mind you, they might pop. But just for shooting the hoops, water balloons do the trick. Start practicing your free throws kids.

5. Colander Catch Water Balloon Game

Photo: youthworkinit.com

This game works great for team building activities and events. Basically, it is a challenge. You split people into two groups. You place a bowl on the top of the head on one team member. And other members need to throw balloons in the bowl. The team that manages to catch the most balloons wins. The biggest challenge here is finding the volunteer to soak all the water.

6. Water Balloon Toss

Photo: agirlandagluegun.com

The game that can turn any kids party into a festive activity. Kids love water balloons, and if you give them something to do with them, you will have less mess. Without a purpose or a goal, kids can start throwing balloons at each other, and you have a problem. This way, you control their tossing. Just place a target where they need to throw the balloons.

7. Water Balloon Baking Soda Experiments

Photo: learnplayimagine.com

Do you want to try some chemistry lessons? You can use this game to teach your kids about chemistry. What are the chemical reactions when you mix water and baking soda? What is the best ratio? Your kids can learn all that through fun playing. What is there not to like?

8. Angry Birds Inspired Water Balloon Game

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Angry Birds is a global phenomenon. When the app/game was first launched, nobody could expect to rise to a global popular game. And now, the game inspires other games. This is a water balloon game inspired by Angry Birds. Take the game outside and get yourself wet.

9. Water Balloon Volleyball

Photo: blog.susanevans.org

This might come as a surprise, but you can play most sports games with a water balloon. The trick is to be careful not to pop it. We had some basketball hoops, and now we have a volleyball game. Bonus: this is a team game. And it requires coordination and cooperation. So, try it at your next team building event.

10. Water Balloon Launcher

Photo: frugalfun4boys.com

If you’ve been thinking about an awesome water balloon launcher or a catapult, look no more. We finally have the answer. This catapult works great with sponge splash bombs and can handle the weight of water balloons. So, if you are looking for power, search no more. Here is a guide how to build your very own water balloon launcher.

11. Waterpaint Balloon Darts

Photo: 82daysofsummerdaze.wordpress.com

Water balloons can help you with different activities and fun games. Darts is another popular game you can play. And the fun here is that every time you hit the target, you get a splash. Some cooling during the summer, right?

12. Water Balloon Bash

Photo: firefliesandmudpies.com

Now we go to the Latin world. Pinata is a classic and traditional game there. Truth be told, the Western world adopted the Pinata tradition. This game is very much like pinata. We call it water balloon bash, but it is the same thing.

The main difference is there is no candy once you hit the target. Instead, you get a water splash.

13. Water Balloon Yo-Yo

Photo: innerchildfun.com

Yo-yo is an underestimated game. It is a fun activity you can play on your own, or with your friends. Well, now we have an idea how to take your yo-yo game to the next level.

14. Water Balloon Tennis

Photo: artsymomma.com

As with the other sports games involving water balloons, the key is to be gentle. Do not be too rough on the ball. Otherwise, you will get wet. Who knows, for some people that might be the idea, right? After all, the purpose of water balloons is to get wet “unintentionally”.

15. Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Photo: crossfitforest.com and mykidstime.com

We finish off with a great team building game. And that is dodge ball. Regular dodge ball might hurt you. It might cause pain. This type of dodge ball will only get you wet. And in that summer, that is a good thing. Make sure to put on some light shirts.

With that, we conclude our list of awesome water balloons games for the summer. We hope you liked it.

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