15 Small BBQ DIY’s And Tips To Make A Huge Difference

Living in a house with a big yard offers plenty of options for stay-at-home summer fun until it’s finally time to go on vacation. You might want leisurely days having dinner with your family or maybe play some games or you can have a bunch of friends and family over have a good old barbecue party.

Hosting the ultimate summer get-together can require more than you think. As they say, the devil’s in the details, and those are the things we usually overlook. Thinking that if there’s anything that’s missing, the house is right there, we can go in and get it, we more often than not waste a lot of time serving others, than actually enjoying the party.

For your next BBQ party, spare some time in the preparations and actually have fun and enjoy the day as much as your quests. And to help you complete your list, check the ideas we have here that you’ll surely find very useful in taking care of all the little things we tend to overlook.

1. Patio Tablecloth

Photo: marymarthamama.com

Starting from the basic, a tablecloth. Most might find it unnecessary for a barbecue since spillage and stains are inevitable, but you can’t deny that the table looks a lot nicer with it. Instead of getting out your nice tablecloths, here is how you can make one that you won’t have any qualms about getting it dirty.

2. Tin Can Silverware  Caddy

Photo:  ilyardor.com

Utensils are never enough for outdoor dining. They get knocked down on the ground, mixed up with everyone moving around, so having some extra knives and forks at hand is better than running into the house for every accident. And a caddy like this is not only useful for that but is extremely easy and affordable to make.

3. Chair Bench

Photo: mythriftyhouse.com

Having enough places to sit for everyone is also very important. You might have enough chairs from inside your home you can take out in a pinch, although benches are much better for sitting a bigger number of people. With some old chairs and some boards, you can make a pretty nice bench a pinch.

4. Kiddy Pool For Cool Food

Photo: beautyandbedlam.com

On really hot days keeping all the salads, condiments and appetizers fresh and cool is a rely big problem. The solution: a kiddy pool filled with ice where you can put the plates in. Simple and effective, and it will serve as a beverage cooler as well. Another tip, you can freeze water-filled balloons and use them in the pool instead of ice.. Less melted water that way.

5. Bug Repellant Floating Citronella Candle 

Photo: indoindians.com

No matter where you live if you’re eating outdoors there will be some pesky, annoying insects buzzing around. You can use some bug spray, which isn’t very effective for outdoor use nor is exactly a good choice when food’s around. A more natural and effective bug-repellent would be something like this pleasantly scented citronella candle. It keeps the bugs away and will create a great atmosphere at the table.

6. Reusable Bowl Cover

Photo: heseamanmom.com

On BBQ’s people don’t just seat and eat, but tend to walk around and mingle. When no one’s at the table, you’ll need to protect the food. Aluminum foil or plastic wrap is one way to do so, or you can make these lovely reusable bowl covers.

7. Muffin Pan For Condiment Serveing 

Photo: billyparisi.com

Condiments are also a must for a BBQ. Instead of bottles or bowls with different condiments that can cause more clutter on the table than needed, you can try this nice tip of placing condiments in a muffin pan. Less space, more condiments, more fun.

8. Mini Paper Chip Bags

Photo: liagriffith.com

The main course of the BBQ is the meat, and while you wait for it to be done, guests will often want to snack on the appetizers without actually sitting down at the table. Prepare these neat paper chip holder they can simply pick up and walk around, snacking and socializing.

9. Colorblock Food Dome

DIY colorblock food dome
Photo: sugarandcloth.com

As we mentioned, covering up the food will become necessary at some point of the party, and the covers we suggested are good for deep bowls, but for food served on plates, something like this easy DIY domes would be a lot better. ANd they do look adorable.

10. Watermelon Ice Bucket

Photo: everydaydishes.com

All your ice buckets are taken and you need one more for the wine? Your problem will be solved if you have a big watermelon at hand. Carve it out and put ice in it. Instant summery ice bucket.

11. Easy Grilling And Picnic Caddy

Photo: hoosierhomemade.com

To be honest, barbecuing may be mainly a man’s job, but not all men come completely prepared for all the things needed for the barbecue. They tend to forget the little things like the spices or sauces or tongs, and unless you want to see them going to the house to get them or make you do that, prepare this nice sectioned BBQ basket will all the things you know your man usually forgets while barbecuing.

12. Smores Pots

Photo: elisabethmcknight.com

After the meal, comes the desert, and that means smores. Smores are always more fun to do yourself, so give your guests that same experience with these personalized smores pots, where they can smore away as their heart desire without crowing the barbecue.

13. Backyard Canopy

Photo: budget101.com

Eating outside is nice and all, but being scorched by the hot sun is not very pleasant, So, on a very hot day or when there’s a slight chance of rain, you’ll want some protection over your table. A canopy is the best solution, leaving you plenty of open room around you, and you just need a few large secured poles and a large enough fabric to stretch over them. Perfect adjustable and affordable canopy.

14. String Light Poles

Photo: idaklipperochklistrar.wordpress.com

A good backyard party can go on well after the sun goes down, and instead of moving the party inside, you just need to put out some lights. Make the evening even more magical with some string lights hung between some poles. It does look amazing.

15. Bottle Ring And Tin Can Toss Games

Photo: mommart.blogspot.com

Last, but not least, every party needs some games just to make things more interesting. These two games will keep all entertained, young and old and all you’ll need are some bottles and rings, cans and balls. Sometimes the simplest things can offer the best entertainment.

That’s all the ideas we have for your next barbecue party. They might be small but can make a huge difference to your party. We hope you’ll found them useful and will give them a try. Tell us your ideas and thoughts in the comments, we’ll love to hear them.

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