19 Adorable DIY Hair Bows For Every Taste

Hair bows are the perfect hair accessory for a cute and girly look. There are many options and different styles. Choose a different color, pattern, print, or anything in between.

Today, we will take a look at a trendy collection of DIY hair bows. There is something for everyone. From classic, to hip, trendy, and something in between.

With a good hair bow, you will stand up from other girls and ladies. Let’s go.

1. No-Sew Tulle Bow

Photo: thehairbowcompany.com

Tulle is one of the most gentle and fashionable fabrics. Lightweight, very fine, and stiff netting, tulle is great for veils, gowns, and ballet tutus. But now it takes its place in the hair bows world. No longer it is only a wedding gown material.

2. Scrunchie Hair Bow

Photo: curlymade.pt

Do you have some scraps of fabrics that you want to throw away? And you no longer use? Well, if they are big enough to make something out of it, a hair bow is a perfect idea. Here is a tutorial for adorable draped bow scrunchies. Great for urban outfitters.

3. Ribbon Flower Hair Bow

Photo: lc.pandahall.com

Little girls love to wear colors and prominent patterns. This is one of those hair bows where you stand out instantly. Red and yellow are two colors that instantly draw attention. Excellent for girly girls.

4. Light Up Hair Bow

Photo: 30minutecrafts.com

In the past few years, we see a trend going on. It is a trend for adding light to different types of clothes. With that in mind, we have shoes that light up, and even shirts. Of course, these are mostly kids clothes. Well, now we have a hair bow with a light inside. Great for an evening outfit.

5. Faux Leather Bows With Cricut Machine

Photo: ginaccreates.com

The best part is all these hair bows look like they are made of actual leather. They are elegant, stylish, and look more expensive than they are. Get a circut machine and start working on them.

6. Easy Ribbon Roses Hair Bow

Photo: homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

The rose is the most feminine flower. It is a synonym for a strong and independent woman. Well, now it makes its way to the hair bow world. And you do not need an actual rose. You can just create the rose out o fabric.

7. Butterfly Hair Bow

Photo: theseamanmom.com

From a serious note, we go to a more casual outlook. Butterflies are always a good option for little kids and young ladies that want to look casual and easy-going. The more colorful the butterflies are, the better.

8. Vinyl Confetti Hair Bows

Photo: snugglebuguniversity.com

Speaking of colorful and vibrant hair bows, you can never go wrong with confetti. They are cheerful, childlike, and can accommodate any outfit and lifestyle. Just choose what works for you.

9. Spiker Hair Bow

Photo: poofycheeks.com

So, you have some ribbons hanging in your closet? Well, here is a way to put them into good use. We have a step by step tutorial for a spiker bow. Follow the pictures for every step of the way.

10. Double Ruffle Hair Bow

Photo: how-do-it.com

This is a tutorial for a 2-layer boutique hair bow. It looks sturdy, it has more texture, and it is more stylish. You can make this elegant and classy hair bow in different colors. And then complement your outfit.

11. Bug Hair Bows

Photo: msrachelhollis.com

Do you want to have a lady bug in your hair? Lady bugs bring luck, so it might be time to invite them inside. Jokes aside, these childish hair bows are just perfect. They check all the boxes for a little boy or a girl.

12. Loopy Hair Bow

Photo: apartystudio.wordpress.com

These hair bows come in different colors and patterns. But the goal is the same. Add as much texture and layers as you can.

13. Heart Hair Bow

Photo: woojr.com

Spread love with your hair bow. It is time to show the world that love conquers everything. Little kids spread love everywhere they go. They are full of energy. Let them spread it.

14. Jumbo Hair Bow

Photo: vogue.com

Now this is one great Frida Kahlo inspired hair bow. The Mexican painter is a cultural icon. This large bow is great for young girls with attitude and character.

15. Ribbon Flower Hair Bow

Photo: kalynbrooke.com

If you are looking for a simple, easy, and stylish hair bow, you can never go wrong with flowers. Ribbon flowers are some of the most popular hair bows. And you can make one in a matter of minutes.

16. Boutique Hair Bow

Photo: ilikebigbows.blogspot.com

Let’s take a look at a tutorial for small boutique bows using the figure 8 method. You will need a couple of simple supplies like glue gun, measuring tool, scissors, button thread and needle, and a lighter for heat sealing. Get the ribbons you want for your style/patterns, and let’s get to work.

17. Korker Butterfly Hair Bow

Photo: tencowchick.com

So, how about them butterfly bows? They are cute, and come with flutter wings. And it is not too hard to make them. Follow the tutorial with step by step instructions and pictures to get it done.

18. Patriotic Korker Hair Bow

Photo: themoodyblonde.com

We Americans love to show our patriotic feelings everywhere we go. And with everything. We have shirts, shoes, and everything else with the colors of the American flag. Well, we have to include a hair bow in red, blue, and white.

19. Ribbon Hair Bow Mix

Photo: theribbonretreat.com

We finish off our list with a couple of different ribbon hair bows. This mix has something for everyone.

With that in mind, it is time to style up your little princess. And we hope we provided you the tools for it.

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