DIY Handmade Succulents Craft Ideas


If you love succulents you will love this post. We selected some amazing handmade succulent works using different materials and lots of creativity. You can use them in the decoration of your house, parties and even as a creative gift for a special person.

How To Make Felt Succulents

DIY felt succulents trio

Felt is a really easy material to work and you can find in beautiful colors. The final look is amazing. The blog Shaken Together Life has a really creative step-by-step tutorial for you.


How to Make Paper Succulents


You can also create amazing succulents using paper! And when you put them together you can create amazing decorative pieces like this one from Lia Griffith

How to Make Crochet Succulents

crochet succulents


If you know how to make crochet works you can try this cute idea! Mini succulents made with crochet! All the patterns and instructions are from the blog “Whistle & Ivy

How to Make Crepe Paper Succulents

Succulents Square
Despite being really delicate, crepe paper is great to be used to create succulents. Their texture give a nice look to the plant and makes it much more close to the real one.  You can find instructions in the “Ash and Crafts” blog.

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