13 Fun And Practical DIY Sunglasses Displays

Sunglasses are the number accessory for summer or for any sunny day. Some people have one or maybe two favorite pair of sunglasses that they wear all the time. Others have different sunglasses for different styles and occasions. If you’re one of them then you know how important is to keep the sunglasses safe and also well organized.

A sunglasses display is the most practical thing you can have, but don’t go out searching for one just yet. you might already have one at home and you don’t even know it.

As you will see in our list here, you really don’t need much to make a lovely sunglasses display. Depending on how much work you’re willing to put into this project, you’ll need as little as a hanger or as much as a few pieces of wood and some power tools.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see some neat ways to display your favorite sunglasses.

1. Board And Bars Sunglasses Display

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Have you ever leave your sunglasses on the drawer handle instead inside the drawer? It kinda works, doesn’t it? HEre the same concept is used only with a board and some drawer pulls, placed evenly throughout the boards. As some fabric of your own taste and you have a colorful sunglasses and jewelry display in one.

2. Clothespins On Wall

Photo: charmed-earth.blogspot.com

Can’t commit to a project? No worries. This one is done is less than five minutes and it costs practically nothing. All you need is some clothespins and 3M strips or glue. Hang the clothespins on the wall and just like that you have a safe place for your sunglasses.

3. Clothes Hanger As Sunglasses Holder 

Photo: visiondirect.com.au

If you though the previous project was easy, this one takes even less effort. Just take a wire clothes hanger and place it wherever you want to keep your sunglasses. The only effort needed here is in decorating the hanger, which is optional.

4. Sunglasses Chandelier

Photo:  bonocle.com

For a more fun looking storage, here is an idea you can modify accordingly to the materials you can find. This one is a sunglasses chandelier, which looks amazing, but if you can’t find such a wire loop and hooks, you can use a wire hanging basket, which works as sunglasses chandelier just fine.

5. Pipe Strap And Hook Quick Drop Zone

Photo: theshabbycreekcottage.com

Most people keep their sunglasses on their vanity or side table, yet you have to admit the most practical place to keep them is near the front door, just like the keys. With some hooks, pipe straps and a piece of wood, you get a two-in-one storage area for both your sunglasses and your keys.

6. String And Wood Organizing Board

Photo: sawdustgirl.com

Organizing boards can cost a pretty penny when they actually don’t have much going for them, then a board and a cord. And you can get those and make one yourself for a lot less and you can custumize it however you like.

7. Vertical Five Sunglasses Holder

Photo: rainonatinroof.com

For a fancier way to display your sunglasses, check out this vertical sunglasses stand. With a wood base and some dowels, this display can become part of your home or it can be a great gift for loved ones who love their sunglasses.

8. Foam And Cord Sunglasses Holder

Photo: compositecorner.wordpress.com

Displays don’t have to be made from wood. Foam boards and some elastic or cord can also make great materials for making a sturdy sunglasses display.

9. Sunglasses Wooden Shelf

Photo: diyinpdx.com

Displaying sunglasses on a shelf is not only practical but looks great. Also, these wooden shelves are easy to make, and you can always use them for displaying other nick-nacks as you see fit.

10. Pine Wood Board Sunglasses Holder

Photo: redheadcandecorate.com

Sun visor clips are very handy for keeping your sunglasses in your car, and you can use them at home as well. And to put a spin on the display, you can use a rotating cheese board for mounting the clips. Looks great and you can even have fun in it, spinning it when choosing your sunglasses.

11. MDF Board Sunglasses Rack

Photo: instructables.com

If you have more than a dozen sunglasses you’ll need to make several of the projects so far, or you can make this one big display from an MDF board. Just like the displays you see in stores.

12. Fancy Sunglasses Display

Photo: imgur.com

Aside from keys, you might want other things to display along with your sunglasses, like a sunglasses case or a matching wristwatch. This project will help you organize all those things and it looks amazing.

13. Funny Face Sunglasses Display

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com

.Sunglasses displays can be quite creative and quirky if you’re up for a challenge. These funny faces displays will bring a smile to your face whenever you reach for your glasses. They will make great organizers for the kids and you can also make them as big or small as you need. Totally worth the effort.

That’s all the sunglasses displays we have for now. We hope we’ve helped you organizing your favorite summer accessories and we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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