12 Easy Upgrades For Star-Quality Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t only items to help you protect your eyes from the sun. They are accessories that complete your summer look, cool and glamorous, or even fun and playful.

Sunglasses come in numerous sizes and colors, with different rims and lenses. Choosing the right ones for you usually depends on the shape of your face or you can just go for those you think look best on you. even then, there are details we tend to consider, for example, how would they look with a certain outfit.

Getting the perfect sunglasses to complete any look can be a tough goal to reach unless you take what you already have and transform it to suit your needs. That’s where we come in with our helpful list of tutorials to help you turn your favorite boring glasses into something fabulous.

Take a look at a few ways you can transform your old sunglasses.

1. Marbled Sunglasses

Photo: persialou.com

Marbling is a very easy technique with amazing results. You can use it on may items like vases, glasses, nails and, yes, even your sunglasses. Just choose the colors.

2. Peace Sign Sunglasses

Photo: shinetrimny.blogspot.com

For those who like the boho hippy style these sunglasses are a must and are certainly not a pair you can find at your local sunglasses store. Some might find them more gimmicky than practical, but they sure look cool.

3. Two-Tone Sunglasses

Photo: psimadethis.com

Most sunglasses rims are black or in some darker colors so they can match anything you wear. Tone that up with a two-tone colored sunglasses, so you can be sure one pair will match perfectly with at least half of the outfits you like to wear.

4. Floral Painted Sunglasses 

Photo: lovelyindeed.com

Usually, if you want to paint your sunglasses, you need a lot of preparation, specifically when you need to protect the lenses from getting painted over. That isn’t always necessary since you can have unique sunglasses by painting only the arms, like with what it was done with these white rim sunglasses that got an upgrade with a floral design.

5. Sparkly Cat Eye Sunglasses

Photo: theglitterguide.com

Cat-eye sunglasses look very sexy and elegant even if they were a hit a few years back. You might still find them in stores or you can get some old sunglasses and do your own cat-eye version with a few strokes of a nail polish brush,

6. Pear Rimmed Sunglasses

Photo: alldaychic.com

Pearls never really go out of fashion if you know how to wear them right. Like these stunning glamorous pear rimmed sunglasses, do them whole or just half, either way, they’ll look fab.

7. Gold Leaf Sunglasses

Photo: heywandererblog.com

Gold is another timeless color and it goes stunningly on black. With some gold leaf, you can create a slightly worn-out look on the glasses, so they can easily match both casual and dressy outfits alike.

8. DIY Fashion Rhinestone Beaded Sunglasses

Photo: blog.pandahall.com

Bringing out the bling,¬† you can’t have an accessory upgrade without some rhinestones and beads. You can use the design suggested in this tutorial or follow the steps and create your own design. Either way you’ll end up with some pretty flashy sunglasses.

9. Sparkly Flower Sunglasses

Photo: autostraddle.com

Spring and summer aren’t complete with some floral themes. Here you have a floral sunglasses with a retro look and a bit of a modern twist. To get your own pair of these flashy sunglasses you’ll need a few resin flowers glued on wide-rimmed sunglasses and paint it all with some spray paint

10. Beaded Sunglasses Arms

Photo: wildamor.com

As we mentioned before, decorating the arms gives you a more subtle upgrade. Here is an idea of using seed beads. Not only you can play around with designs and colors, but you also have the added effect of texture, giving you some extra cred in the cool glasses department.

11. Pink And Gold Confetti Sunglasses 

Photo: sunglasswarehouse.com

Another great color combo is pink with gold. Sparkly, gentle and joyful, with a pair of these gold confetti covered sunglasses you’ll definitely be the life of any party.

12. Bead Word Sunglasses

Photo: arrowsandawe.com

We’ll end this list on a fun note because, at the end of the day, we just want to have fun. Here are some great beaded and worded sunglasses for those who don’t like to take themselves too seriously and just want to enjoy happy times with friends.

That’s all the sunglasses ideas we have for now. Which one did you like the best? How would you upgrade your number one summer accessory? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, we’ll love to hear them.

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