15 Easy Fun Forts To Make And Enjoy With The Kids

Kids love forts. They love playing with them. The only downside is they cannot build them easily. Young kids need a hand in building their fort. And that is where you come in.

Today, we will talk about different projects about building a fort. The good thing is they do not require crazy supplies. And they keep the kids occupied for hours.

So, whether you want to pop a fort up for the next sleepover or host a permanent installation in the playroom, we have you covered.

Take a look at our astonishing kids’ fort ideas.

1. No-Sew Fort Kit

Photo: celebrateeverydaywithme.com

We start you off with something simple and easy you can order online. The good thing is that someone did all the dirty work for you. You just get the kit, open it at home, and install it following the instructions. It is that simple.

2. Fort building INstructions From IKEA

Photo: instagram.com

It wouldn’t be a DIY list without a multi option. Yes, we have you covered for every thing you can imagine. Do you want a fortress? Check! Do you want a cave? Check! House and a castle? Check and check! And you can make most of them with basically the same ingredients.

3. Easy Blanket Fort

Photo: mommyevolution.com

Sometimes, all you need is a blanket and you are set to go. This will surprise you, but many of the forts kids love are simple and easy. Just put a blanket over a heightened object to provide space for the “fort”. Make sure it is high enough for your kids to be able to sit there.

4. Sofa Cushion Fort

Photo: lifeonacouch.org

If you have a foldable sofa with lots of cushions, it is time to make a little mess in the house. The good news is that once you are done playing with your kids, you can easily get everything back to its normal place. This is one big fort, right?

5. Sensory Light Box Fort

Photo: theottoolbox.com

Sensory play allows your kids to explore the world. And you can start as early as four months of age. As soon as your kid starts grabbing and reaching for stuff, he is ready for sensory play. This fort is a 2 in 1 solution. It helps your kid learn through sensory play. And it fulfills his wish for a fortress.

6. Hula Hoop Hanging Tent/Fort

Photo: greenyourdecor.com

We said before that you can easily create a fort with one or two ingredients. For this fort, all you need is a blanket and a hula hoop. The latter provides the structure for the fort. Just hang it up on the ceiling and let the blanket fall down to create the fort. It is that simple.

7. Pirate Ship Fort

Photo: mommyhoodlife.com

One of the reasons kids love forts and fortresses is they play to their imagination. Your kid can be whoever he likes. Does he want to be Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, now he can. We have a pirate ship fort just for that.

8. Easy Pillow Fort On Bed

Photo: reddit.com

You already have all the ingredients for this fort on the bed. It is just a matter of organizing them and placing them on the right spot. And after your kid finishes playing, the pillows stay on the bed.

9. Cooling Fan Fort With Duvet

Photo: kisssudbury.com

We have to be real. During the summer, the temperature inside the fort can go up. That is why you need some cooling inside. And a fan will do just that. But be careful with the fan. Too much of it can be troublesome for your kids.

10. Cardboard Swiss Cheese Fort

Photo: thecardboardcollective.com

We said before that forts allow your kids to use their imagination. They can dream of something more, something bigger. Or in this case, smaller. How about some mouses and a cheese house? Right? If you really want to get into playing, you can be the cat chasing them. There is nothing wrong if you want to join the fort party!

11. Sofa Fort

Photo: artbarblog.com

We had a sofa fort with pillows. Now, we try a different route. We build a sofa fort with blankets. With some lighting inside and out, you can even use the fort in the night. Have fun playing.

12. Minimalist Fort With 4 Hula Hoops

Photo: createdthroughinspiration.blogspot.com

We said before, sometimes, a simple and small solution works great. Kids do not know what minimalist style is. But they can see it. For this small fort, you need just four hula hoops. You can cover it with blankets, or leave it as it is.

13. Family Blanket Fort

Photo: thelittlesandme.com

Do you want to go camping with your kids in the living room? You can do exactly that with this fort. Just turn some chairs upside down to get height, and put a blanket over them. Decorate the inside however you wish. And then enjoy some family bonding time.

14. Living Room Fort

Photo: sayyes.com

Here is another option for a living room fort. The goal is the same, adding height and then putting a blanket. But you just need a bit different ingredients.

15. Blanket Fort For Grown-Up Kids

Photo: tenthousandvillages.com

Kids are not the only ones who enjoy playing with a fort. Adults love them as well. That is the whole point of camping, right? So, with that in mind, we finish our list with an adult-size fort. You can have some fun as well.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our list. And if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Feel free to comment.

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