16 Great Hair Masks Recipes For Easy Home Hair Care


Hair masks work in the same way as face masks. They nourish and hydrate your skin and boost the condition and health of your hair. We refer to hair masks as a deep conditioning treatment. Or sometimes, we call them intensive hair conditioners.

Well, with that in mind, you apply a hair mask to towel-dried hair. You spread it evenly throughout the hair, massage it in, and then wash the hair after several minutes or comb it through the hair.

There are a lot of hair masks you can buy at the drug store or at the pharmacy. Heck, there are even expensive shampoos that promise to deliver amazing results. We, on the other hand, believe in DIY products more. Why? Because we know exactly what we put on our hair.


You will see that most of the products on this list make their way to expensive hair care products as well. The main reason is over the counter products can contain some chemicals as well.

1. Egg Honey And Geranium Hair Mask

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We start off with one of the most popular, simple, and common hair masks. Eggs are always a good option for your hair. They contain protein, which encourages your scalp to produce keratin. Honey serves as moisturizer and nourishment for the hair. Apply this mask once per week to strengthen the roots of your hair.

2. Rejuvenating Coffee Hair Mask

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Why do we drink coffee? To get our energy up. You apply a coffee hair mask for the same reason. Coffee, thanks to the caffeine inside, stimulates circulation. This, in turn, delivers more blood to the scalp, resulting in stronger and healthier hair.


3. Egg White Hair Masks For Dandruff And Oily Hair

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We said before eggs play a major role in hair health. The egg white contains an abundance of protein. And your hair needs it as much as your muscles and your bones. Remove the yolk, the oily part, and you have a great mask for oily hair and dandruff problems.

4. Black Pepper Hair Growth Treatment

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Black pepper is another ingredient that stimulates circulation to the hair. And it contains an abundance of vitamins for hair nourishment. Regular use will add a healthy shine to your hair.

5. Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask

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Check the label of most hair products. Many of them contain coconut oil. It is a natural way to grow longer, healthier, and stronger hair. The oil contains an abundance of essential fatty acids vital to your hair health and growth. And as we said before, honey is a perfect moisturizer. Make sure to thoroughly wash the mask. It can get a bit greasy due to the oil.


6. Cucumber Conditioner Hair Mask

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Did you know that cucumber juice can stop hair fall? Well, now you do. This watery juice contains silicon and sulfur in their natural state. And those two ingredients stop hair fall and promote hair growth. Bonus: because it contains more than 90% water, cucumber hair mask will provide moisture for your hair.

7. Rhassoul Or Bentonite Clay Mask For Natural Hair

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Bentonite clay is a perfect ingredient for those suffering from dandruff issues. It contains antimicrobial properties, helping with irritated or flaking scalp. Some people even use it as a remedy against psoriasis. The natural minerals in bentonite clay will encourage your hair growth. The mask also provides moisturizing benefits for your hair. Bonus: it soften your hair and reduces frizz.

8. Dry Hair Hair Mask

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When it comes to treating dry hair, you have to keep one thing in mind. Add nourishing oils. And with that in mind, there is nothing better than castor oil and coconut oil. Castor oil is one of the best hydrating oils on the market. Combine it with coconut oil and honey, and your hair gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs.


The most important part: coconut oil helps your hair retain its natural protein.

9. Seaweed Clay Hair Mask

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Consuming seaweed will significantly improve the condition of your hair and skin. And if you do not like the taste, you can always apply it as a hair mask. Seaweed is rich in zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. All that contributes to hair growth and production.

10. Shea Butter Hair Growth Mask

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How Shea butter helps your hair? Well, it works as a sealant that keeps your beautiful hair moisturized. It is an intensely moisturizing and nourishing ingredient that promotes hair growth. It acts as an emollient, trapping the moisture in the scalp and keeping it hydrated. And of course, it is loaded with vitamins and nourishing ingredients that feed your hair follicles.


11. Deep Conditioning Honey Yogurt Hair Mask

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Did you notice that honey makes its way to most of the hair masks on this list? There is a simple explanation for it. Honey contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair. And most importantly, it provides a deep moisturizing effect. Yogurt also helps moisturize your hair and provides some healthy probiotics. Win-win solution.

12. Cocoa Powder Hair Masks

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This might come as a surprise for most of you, but cocoa powder is loaded with protein, iron, and other vitamins. 100% natural cocoa powder contains as much protein as a lean piece of meat. And your hair needs protein to keep its strength and elasticity. Plus, iron prevents hair fall. There you have it, everything your hair need to maintain a healthy glow.

13. Clay Hair Mask

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People wondering can you put clay on your hair need to try this mask. It is a wonderful nourishing hair mask that softens the hair and reduces any frizz. Just be careful with clay masks. You can only use them once per week. Anything more will harm your hair and make it dry and brittle.


14. Gelatin Hair Mask

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Do you know those expensive keratin hair treatments? Well, this mask is a natural way to do it. Gelatin contains keratin proteins that bind with your hair to strengthen it. Gelatin targets damaged areas, but helps nourish the entire strand.

Recent research shows that gelatin can improve hair thickness and hair growth. It even helps people with alopecia, a type of hair loss condition.

15. Honey And Baby Oil Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

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By now you know how honey helps your hair. Let’s talk a bit about baby oil. It keeps the hair smoother and closes each hair cuticle. This will prevent heat damage and help you restore shine of your damaged hair. Use it as a post-shower treatment to make your hair look shiny and less frizzy.


16. Moisturizing Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

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In most cases, we like to finish our lists with a 2 in 1, 3 in 1, or even 5 in 1 solutions. This is it. Here you have a couple of masks specifically designed to help damaged and dry hair.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Try a couple of these masks, and we promise you. Your hair will look as beautiful as ever. Remember, once per week is more than enough for any hair treatment.

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