12 Homemade Body Butter To Heal And Soothe Your Skin

With long cozy clothes covering most of our body in colder months, most of us give in to laziness and don’t stick to the whole-body skin routine as we would do in the summer. As a result, by the time spring and summer come, our skin might need a fast-acting treatment for those dry patches.

Body lotions are easier to apply, but body butter products are way more effective for bringing back the moisture a healthy, silky skin so dearly needs. There are plenty of body butter products to choose from, as it’s the case with all beauty products, but for the best results, you should really try the homemade variety.

With just a few ingredients you can make the most natural, and most effective body butter for you. Here are a few ideas that will get you started on getting that summer-ready body looking soft and smooth.

1. Almond Coconut Body Butter

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Almond oil has many health benefits, but it’s also excellent for rejuvenating dry skin. Combined with some coconut oil and scented essential oils and you can have this soothing sweet-smelling body butter.

2. Soothing Softening Lavander Body Butter

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Combining different ingredients can get you different results, and sometimes simple gives the best results, like in this case. Cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil are the best natural moisturizers and you have them all here. Some lavender oil for a pleasant scent and there you go.

3. Whipped Chocolate Body Butter

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Chocolate lovers will love this pleasantly scented chocolate body butter. The benefits are still there only you get to enjoy the sweet smell on your skin while using it.

4. Mosquito Repellent LotionĀ 

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In summer skin protection needs to go further than just keeping your skin soft and moisturized. Protection from insects is one of them, so you should definitely check this lovely scented bug repellant lotion. Keeps your skin soft and bug-bite-free.

5. Vanilla Cinnamon Body ButterĀ 

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Another lovely smelling combo is vanilla cinnamon. It’s not easy finding these two scents together in a beauty product, they usually come in one or the other. But now you can make as big of a batch of this body butter as you want since it’s incredibly easy and very good for your skin.

6. Shea Butter Sunscreen

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People with fair skin can’t really leave the house in summer without putting some kind of sun protection on their skin or they risk looking a bit sunburned all day. This body butter recipe is an amazing sunscreen for more sinsitive skin and the lavender scent is a great bonus.

7. Amber Bronzing Body Butter

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Speaking of fair skin, getting a nice tan isn’t as easy as it sounds for some people. Instead of spending time and money at the sun-tanning bed or using unreliable fake tan products, you can make this beautiful bronzing body butter. It gives a nice subtle tan to pale skin, keeping it nurtured and soft in the process.

8. Non-Creasy Body Butter

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While body butter is very effective, many people opt for body lotion instead because body butter tends to be very creasy. Well, that problem’s solved if you decide on making this non-greasy skin-smoothing body butter.

9. Beet Root Body Butter

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Beetroot is known for its health properties, but it’s also a great natural colorant used in many beauty products as well. This body butter won’t leave you with a case of red blushing skin, but it will leave it silky smooth, and the pretty pink color makes it a great homemade gift.

10. After Sun Body Butter

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We covered the sunscreen and skin bronzing body butter options. To complete the summer skin care body butter routine, we simply must add the aftersun body butter. This soothing body butter has aloe vera, excellent for times when you forget to put on sunscreen and the sun wasn’t too kind to you.

11. Whipped Peppermint Tallow Body Butter

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If you have any redness or skin problems, this is the body butter for you. The peppermint gives it a nice refreshing touch, but the really important ingredient is tallow, which is great for problematic skin, yet rarely found in commercial beauty products. Try it, you’ll love the results.

12. Green Tea Body Butter

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Green tea is extremely good for your health, skin, and hair when you drink it regularly, but it also great as a beauty product ingredient. It helps hydrate the skin better and faster, so it’s a great choice for those times of the year when your skin feels extra dry and scratchy.

That’s all the body butter suggestions we have for now. We hope you like them and will give them a try. Your skin will certainly be grateful for the soothing natural care you give it. What’s your favorite body butter? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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