12 Perfect Gift Baskets Any Lady Will Appreciate

Choosing a gift for a female friend or relative can be a daunting task. No matter how well you know them, there’s always that small chance you don’t get the gift just right. That’s why a gift basket is a nice way to cover all grounds and know that at least one of the items in there will make the receiver happy.

Gift baskets are also themed in some way, providing a makeshift ready kit for an activity or relaxing. When you know the likes and hobbies of the one the gift basket is meant for, you’re already halfway in making the absolute perfect gift.

To help you the rest of the way, here we have a list of some really beautiful and thoughtful gift baskets you can put together without breaking your budget.

1. Pampering Gift Basket

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Who doesn’t want a nice relaxing and pampering bath at the end of a rough day? Somehow, we always find excuses not to do so, even though we really need that pampering. With this gift basket, all you need is at hand, leaving you only with the task of filling up the tub and enjoy.

2. New Mom Gift Basket

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Becoming a mom for the first time is wonderful, scary and life-changing, especially in those first few months. While all the attention is on the baby, new moms can feel left out of all the things they used to do. Remind them they’re not the only ones feeling that way with this great gift basket for new moms.

3. Manicure Gift Basket

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Friends and family who love doing their nails will absolutely love getting a gift basket like this one. A full manicure kit from nail clippers to nail polish and all the nick-nacks in between, a gift box like this will make any manicure lover’s day.

4.  Cozy Slippers Gift Basket

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Most gift baskets are filled with items that help us relax. We all have a different way of relaxing, still, you will agree that some cozy slippers are a part of most of them So, instead of a basket, put together a gift with different relaxing items into some fuzzy cozy slippers. Unique, surprising and fun for sure.

5. Sangria Gift Basket

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Not to encourage alcohol consumption, but having a glass of wine for special occasions is quite nice. Sangria is a very lady-like wine cocktail many enjoy, and if you know someone who would appreciate a full sangria kit you should consider making this gift basket. Don’t forget to drink responsibly.

6. Ice Cream Gift Basket

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Another great way to celebrate is with sweet foods, and in summer that means ice cream. It is the ultimate comfort food, and with this gift basket, you can turn an ordinary ice cream treat into a fun, colorful and delicious party.

7. Spa Gift Basket With Printable Labels 

mothers day gift baskets
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You can put together a spa gift basket by going to any store, but if you truly want to make it special, you handmade each item you put in there. Beauty products tutorials are abundant n the internet, but instead of wasting time searching for them, here you have all you need and how to make them look perfect as well.

8. Mason Jar Survival Kit Gift Basket

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With toddlers and young kids, moms always need to be prepared for dealing with any mishaps that may happen. This compact gift basket idea actually comes in a jar and has all the super mommy will need.

9. Picnic Gift Basket 

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For the outdoorsy type, eating in nature is a must and the best outdoor dining is a picnic. There are so many things we can forget when going on picnics, so put together this ultimate picnic gift basket and give it to all your friends and help them have the tastiest picnic ever.

10. Gardening Gift Basket

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People with a green thumb and who live in urban areas know that don’t have to have a garden to enjoy taking care of plants. However, they might not have all the necessary tools to fully enjoy their hobby. If this sounds like someone you know, surprise them with this gardening gift basket and help their love for plants grow.

11. Empty Nest Gift Basket

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Sending the kids off to college or leaving home for other reasons can be difficult for parents. Help your new empty nesters feel better with a gift basket that will ease their worries and bring a new smile to their faces.

12. Wine And Chocolate Gift Basket

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In the ends, the simplest gift basket can be the best. The universal way to celebrate, comfort or relax is with something sweet, and maybe something with a bit of a kick in it. In short, you can’ go wrong with some chocolate and wine gift basket.

That’s all the gift basket ideas we have to share for now. We hope this will help you in choosing a gift that will surprise and delight your girl-friends or female relatives. What would be the best gift basket you’d like to receive? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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