18 DIY Gentle Hand Sanitizers For Extra Safety

Hand sanitizer is a liquid or gel used to reduce infectious agents on your hands. They come as liquids, gels, and foams. And they are one of the most important tools for fighting a virus infection. For example, the Covid-19 virus right now.

Because of the high demand, the question “Where to buy hand sanitizer right now” is one of the most popular on Google. Yes, people are looking for ways and places to buy hand sanitizers.

The demand is high, and the supply cannot follow. So, what can you do? Well, you can either look for hours where to buy a hand sanitizer. And the price might be sky high.

Or, you can try and make one at your home. We will help you with your second choice. Here are a couple of DIY recipes for a hand sanitizer. Read on!

1. Natural Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: smallfootprintfamily.com

We rely on hand sanitizers every day, not just during the Covid-19 crisis. The ingredients in the average hand sanitizer can be toxic and harmful. This is why we start our list with a natural and non-toxic hand sanitizer. You need aloe vera, which is soothing for your hands. Add some essential oils, and you have antimicrobial protection and a nice fragrance.

2. Thieves Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: holistichealthherbalist.com

The Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is one of the most popular on the market. And that is even more during the holiday season. It is a holiday-inspired sanitizer that looks cute and smells good. And we want to give you a homemade option.

You still get the perfect mix of spicy and sweet notes. But instead of harmful chemicals, you use beneficial essential oils.

3. Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: mommypotamus.com

This recipe follows instruction of holistic pediatricians. You can modify it if you like. For example, certain essential oils are not safe for kids. So, use only child-safe essential oils recommended by professionals. All essential oils have therapeutic effect, but you have to find the ones that suits you.

4. Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Soap

Tutorial: pronounceskincare.com

Homemade soaps and hand sanitizers have been around for years. They are helpful not only during Covid-19 crisis, but any day of the year.

What we love about this soap is that it provides healing benefits for your hand. It is moisturizing and gentle on your hands.

5. Hand Sanitizer Spray With Essential Oils

Tutorial: oneessentialcommunity.com

The best part about this hand sanitizer is you can keep it with you anywhere. You can make it as a travel option. Keep it in your purse, desk, and picnic basket. Anywhere you go, you need protection for your hands.

With just a few ingredients, this is a simple and basic recipe. You can make it within minutes.

6. Hand Gel Sanitizer

Tutorial: dontwastethecrumbs.com

This might come as a surprise to you, but hand sanitizers need alcohol. Yes, you have to have a bit of alcohol there. For this recipe, you can use vodka. Combine it with witch hazel and essential oils, and you have an effective treatment.

You can use it as a spray or as a gel.

7. Castile Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: everydaywholesome.com

Castile soap is a must-have for homemade soaps and sanitizers. It is a great way to add moisture to your hands. Unlike commercial soaps, Castile soap doesn’t dry your hands. It is one of the most common and basic ingredients for a homemade soap.

Here you have a nice and simple recipe you can try.

8. Green Tea Ginger Hand Soap

Tutorial: hellonest.co

If you want something extra healing for your hands, you cannot go wrong with green tea. The tea contains the highest amount of antioxidants. And ginger provides antimicrobial protection. We love it when you can make homemade soaps with common ingredients from the kitchen. This is such recipe.

9. Customizable Hand Sanitizer Recipe with Essential Oil

Tutorial: naturallivingfamily.com

This recipe is fun to make and saves money in the process. Sounds good enough for you? Well, there is another reason why you might need homemade hand sanitizer. This one doesn’t kill ALL bacteria on your hands. There are good bacteria that promote healthy skin and help your immune system. Homemade hand sanitizers remove only the BAD bacteria from your hands. And they are not harsh on your skin.

10. Vitamin E Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: capitolmomma.com

Here is a recipe that is so good and effective, you can sell it. The miracle and secret ingredient is Thieves oil. That is a miracle blend of five oils including eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon, clove, and rosemary. All essential oils in the blend help your skin and provide protection. Combined, they deliver a potent solution that will eliminate any problem from your skin.

11. Hand Sanitizer Spray

Tutorial: hearthandvine.com

The citrus scent in this hand sanitizer is what makes it divine. It is simple to create, and if you like, you can give it as a gift to your friends. You can buy essential oils in bundle, and make hand sanitizers for you and your friends. It is time to be the Good Samaritan.

12. On-Guard Hand Sanitizers

Tutorial: doterra.com

This cleansing spray is so easy and convenient to make. It is a great way to clean your hands. All you need is a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and a couple of drops of essential oils.

13. Citrus Antibacterial Soap

Tutorial: happinessishomemade.net

We had citrus spray, now we go for a citrus-flavored and scented soap. This natural soap is so gentle on your hands, you won’t even feel  it. It provides a moisturizing effect and cleans germs in the process. Simply put, it is a must have. And you can prepare it in less than 10 minutes. Again, you can use it as a gift for friends.

14. Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap

Tutorial: keeperofthehome.org

Most natural soaps on this list do not provide a lot of foaming. But if foaming is your thing, we have a product for you as well. Do not worry, this spray will provide enough foaming like commercial products. But it is safe and chemical-free.

15. Easy Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: chemistrycachet.com

This recipe for originally a Christmas-inspired recipe for a hand soap. But with all the panic surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the OP updated the recipe. You need to add rubbing alcohol to the original solution for a more heavy duty hand cleaning product. The solution will have more gelatin texture, one that is similar to store-bought products.

16. Kid-Friendly Hand Sanitizer

Tutorial: mamainstincts.com

We all want to protect our kids. That is the Number one goal. And we want to minimize their exposure to toxic chemicals. The best way to do that is to use more DIY products. This way, you know exactly what you put in the solution. Make it in small batches so that you always use fresh ingredients.

17. Thieves Hand Purifier

Tutorial: theconfidentmom.com

Here is another way you can use Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend. You get the same scent from Thieves blend, without toxic chemicals. It provides cleaning power and immune support.

18. Anti Bacterial Body Wash

Tutorial: sophieuliano.com

All the antibacterial products you find in the store contain chemicals. They can be harmful to your body, but also the environment. So, with that in mind, we want to give you an easy way to make your own hand sanitizer. You get a safe product all while saving money.

Hopefully, you found a product you like. And if you have any other ideas for how to make homemade and DIY hand sanitizer, share them with the rest of us.

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