14 Clever DIY Reuses For Old Bicycle Parts

Cycling is a great way to get fresh air, explore and do some exercise while you’re at it. It a good way to travel too, getting your from point A to point B without getting stuck in traffic and it’s good for the environment.

Not to mention it is a great activity to enjoy with outgoing friends or whit the whole family. As great as bicycles are they too get damaged and break down. The bright side is that they are affordable and easily repaired or replaced.

With the season warming up, you might want to take out your old bicycle for a spin, only to realize that repairing it is just not worth it and it’s time for a new one. And what should you do with the old one? Throw it away, donate it?

If you care for the environment and are into recycling, you might see that there is a way you can give your old bike a new life… Or at least to some parts of it.

Here are a few DIY projects cycling enthusiasts will love and appreciate since they show you how to keep enjoying your old bicycle in a new unexpected way.

1. Bike Gear Candle Votive

Photo: diynetwork.com

Starting small and simple, here is a great idea on what to do with bike gears. Using them as candle votive, you get a unique piece of decor. Even if it’s a little bit on the steam-punk theme, it does look rather nice.

2. Bike Chain Coaster

Photo: llovetocreate.com

Almost any material can be used for making coasters, cork being the most common. Give it a bit of biker flare by framing a coaster-sized circle with a bike chain. Instant unique coasters.

3. Bike Handlebar To Bike Hanger

Photo: kylethewilson.wordpress.com

Use those curved bicycle handles from your old bike to store your new bike. Mounted on the wall they make great bike holders, leaving you more room in your garage.

4. Bicycle Wheel Light Fixture

Photo polkadotpoplars.com

Of all the old bike parts, the wheels are probably the most diverse in the reusing department. Here we have a fun way to upgrade a plain light fixture. A painted bike wheel rim makes a great light fixture ornament and you can add other things along the rim to turn it into a hanging chandelier.

5. Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Photo: thistlewoodfarms.com

There are plenty of ways to keep track of things and stay organized, and if your choice is something along the line of a bulletin board, you just might want to give this upgrade a shot. A spinning chalkboard calendar that’s fun to do and fun to use.

6. Bike Wheel Wreath

Photo: daintydressdiaries.com

Wreaths are such lovely decor pieces and not that difficult to put together when you have the right materials. For instance, this bike wheel wreath is half done just by painting the wheel. Add some flowers and leafy branches on the side and you’re done.

7.  Old Bike Rims Small Table

Photo: goodshomedesign.com

Looking for a truly unique DIY coffee table project? This one is a great one to try and you don’t need many materials either, just three bike wheels and some glass. Looks complicated, yet even a beginner will find it fun and easy to do.

8. Bike Wheel Wall Clock

Photo: livewellnetwork.com

Large wall clocks are a nice alternative and practical way to fill empty wall spaces when you don’t want pictures or art on your walls. Since large clocks can be sometimes pricey, you can try this project and make your own time piece form an old bike wheel.

9. Bike Wheel To Pot Rack

Photo: whittleddown.com

Finding a good storage space for pots and pans can be a problem in smaller kitchens. Hanging racks for pots are one solution to try if you have a higher celling. Instead of trying to find one at a store, go to the garage and take that old bike wheel and some hooks. You’ll have a circular and even spinning pot rack in no time.

10. Solar Lights On BIke Wheel

Photo: diymarta.com

Hanging chandeliers can give a fairytale quality to your backyard, but you can’t really leave an electricity-powered light outside. You can still enjoy that dreamy feeling with some outdoor-friendly solar lights placed on a bike wheel. It’s the best outdoor chandelier ever.

11. Bike Frame To Triangle Chair

Photo: instructables.com

Bike seats can be quite comfortable once you get used to them. If you want to bring that feeling home here is a project that is a bit more demanding, but leaves you with one brilliant end product: a great rear triangle seat.

12. Old Bike To Standing Lamp

Photo: instructables.com

Cycling brings so much joy and light in our lives, so turning a bike into a lamp after his time has passed seems only fitting. Another not quite an easy project, but one that bike lovers would definitely want to try.

13. Hunting Trophy

Photo: grafischeslabor.blogspot.com

Liked the handlebar hanger project but think it’s too tacky for your taste? How about an art piece to go with it? Throw in the bike seat and a wooden base and you get a faux hunting trophy you can hang your bike or clothes on. Decorative and functional.

Those are the recycling and upcycling bicycle project we have for how. We hope we’ve inspired you to make your own good use of your old bike. We’ll love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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