18 Clever Ways To Organize Your Art And Crafts Supplies

There are different ways to sort out and organize craft and art supplies. Some people go the sort by item type. They put glue sticks, bottles, and jars into one pile. Others, go for the sort by activity level. You get one space for painting, one for paper crafts, and so on.

Today, we will talk about cool craft supplies and DIY organization tips for keeping things under control. You can check our ideas for how to neatly store your craft supplies. There are many creative and simple solutions.

And most importantly, they are all budget-friendly. The main idea is to repurpose common household items and give them a new meaning.

1. Tin can Caddy

Tutorial: cynthiashaffer.typepad.com

We recommend cleaning and organizing your space before working on really big projects. For that purpose, we give you a way to create a tin can caddy. You can use it to organize your daily go-to art supplies.

Prepare this on a lazy Sunday. Ideal when you do not feel like working, and you need an activity to keep you out of bed. And the best part is, the caddy can hold a lot of stuff.  You will ned 8 small to medium size tin cans and one large coffee can for this project.

2. Six Skein Yarn Caddy

Tutorial: instructables.com

Why throw out a perfectly good container? Any plastic container with press on lid will do the trick here. This caddy is perfect for storing your yarn. You can easily pull out the yarn when you need to use it.

Remember, wash the container before getting it done. You do not want to get your yarn covered with food debris. And you decide how many skeins it might hold.

3. Photo Album Sticker Organizer

Tutorial: wendaful.com

Mothers with young children know the struggle of keeping all the stickers organized. Sometimes, it feels like a nightmare. Every trip to the store you buy new and new stickers. And eventually, you have no idea where they all are.

Luckily, you can use an old and forgotten item to help. Thanks to digitization, we no longer need photo albums. Most of us do not use them. Well, find an old one if you have, and store all the stickers there. Or buy a new one.

4. Hanging Shoe Rack Fabric Organizer

Tutorial: brynalexandra.blogspot.com

The best part about this organize is that it is cheap. Like, you can find it in any IKEA or similar store. And it will cost you just a few bucks. The hardest part is finding space in your home where to put the organizer. From there, just organize your fabrics anyway you like.

Some people go by color, others go by material. It is your choice.

5. Fabric Folder

Tutorial: ialwayspickthethimble.com

As with many other items on this list, you can decide the dimensions. Folding can sometimes be a challenging task. You might not fold your fabrics perfectly. And they get rough. Well, why not make a fabric folder. If you’ve watched Big Bang Theory, there is an episode where Sheldon folds his clothes with a plastic folder.

We have something much cheaper. And more versatile and adjustable. All you need is a cardboard.

6. Craft Paint Storage

Tutorial: todayscreativelife.com

Painters and artists know the struggle of keeping all the paints organized. Painters have lots of different paints. Some even have up to 10 different shades of a single color.

These cans can help you organize your paints easily. Make sure to put them with the lid facing you. This way, you know exactly which paint you need to pick up.

7. Wrapping Paper Seat

Tutorial: sadieseasongoods.com

If you are into gift giving and gift wrapping, you might have tons of paper at home. And more often than not, you cannot find the paper you need when you need it. Say goodbye to that problem with this gift paper organizer.

The best part is the organizer is mobile. You see there are wheels. You can move it wherever you need it. And when you want to free up some space, move it away.

8. Pegboard Organization Wall

Tutorial: tatertotsandjello.com

This a classic school room organizing project. With so many crafts and supplies flying around, you need to make the best of your organization skills. The pegboard works perfectly when you need to categorize and organize your supplies.

And you can go with differently-shaped pegboards for fun. You do want your room to look visually pleasant right?

9. Washi Tape Dispenser Box

Tutorial: carolynshomework.com

This item might be a dream come true for many DIY artists out there. Washi tape is a staple in DIY crafts. And it can crowd your home quickly and easily. The good news is you can store all Washi tape in a single small box. Make sure to write Washi on top of it. You want to find it easily when you need it.

10. Color Paper Organizer

Tutorial: erins2centz.blogspot.com

The best part about this organizer is the size. Being it narrow and small, you can place it in any corner of your home. It depends on how visible you want it to be. And as with other items, you can make it small or bigger. How many different colored paper you have?

11. Organizing Embroidery Floss

Tutorial: heatherjslife.blogspot.com

DIY artists know the importance of reusing and recycling items. Well, if you have too many pegs at your home, you can use some for organizing embroidery floss. Go with wooden pegs. They work much better than plastic.

For starters, they come in neutral colors, making it better for organizing. And they are better quality.

12. Ribbon Organizer Frame

Tutorial: jennifermaker.com

Stuff hanging from pegs is boring for some people. Why not try something more fun and entertaining? And of course, pretty and functional. At the end of the day, DIY items should be functional.

Here, we have a fun way to store ribbons. We love it, and we think you will love it too. The most important part you need is an old wooden frame. Depending on how much ribbons you have, go for a smaller or bigger size.

13. Paint Brush Storage Rack

Tutorial: 100things2do.ca

Some people store wine bottles, other store paint brushes. It is the same concept, but a different item. Just think of it as a small wine bottle holder.

14. Glitter Shakers

Tutorial: artfulpanoply.blogspot.com

For some people, this might be the best gift. Glitter is another popular and common ingredient in DIY projects. And like similar items, it can get messy. You can organize your glitter with salt shakers. This makes it even easier to use glitter afterward.

Just pour some from the salt shaker. Easy, right?

15. Embellishments Magnet Organizer

Tutorial: damasklove.com

Many DIY ingredients can make a mess in your home. Count embellishments in that group as well. The good news is that a magnet holder can help you. You can find a wall where the magnet holder fits. And that is all.

16. Craft Supply Organizer Cubby

Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess.com

This method is in line with the organize by color we mentioned at the beginning. For many people, it is the best way to organize stuff. And that includes everything. Not just DIY supplies. We are certain you have an item at home you can repurpose and make it an organizer.

17. Roll-Up Organizer

Tutorial: papernstitchblog.com

Now, this organizer might require a bit more work. After all, it involves sewing. If you do not have a sewing machine, it might be a challenge. But a good DIY artist always has a sewing machine at home. And you can use it to make your own personal rolling tool for DIY crafts.

18. Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Tutorial: iheartorganizing.com

Let’s finish with a great organizer made from a cereal box. No need to throw them away anymore. Finish your breakfast, and then recycle the cereal box.

We are sure there are tons of other ways to organize your craft supplies. If we missed some, share it in the comments section.

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