17 DIY Sleep Aids To Chase That Insomnia Away

We hear it all the time. Get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep. It sounds easier than it is. Getting 8 hours of sleep is a challenging task for many of us.

The reason is simple, insomnia. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 68% of adults between 18 and 29 of age experience symptoms of insomnia. The percentage is smaller when you look at adults between 30 and 64 years. 59% of them experience insomnia symptoms.

What are some of the common insomnia symptoms? Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety are first to come to mind. Without proper sleep, your body cannot refresh and rejuvenate. You will feel sugar and unhealthy food cravings in the morning. And your body produces more stress hormone.

We do not have to tell you how dangerous that cycle is. Today, we want to show you some home remedies for better sleep. It is important you get the 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. And we think we can help you.

1. Sleepy Time Linen And Pillow Spray

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Let’s start with a pillow spray. Your pillow is your sanctuary. Treat it well, and she will return the favor. We have to stress how important is to change your pillow regularly. Now, for the spray, the trick is in the ingredients. They release a calming scent that will put you into the mood for sleeping. And ensure long sleep without interruptions.

2. Whipped Sleepy time Rub

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The best part about this rub is you can prepare a large amount of it. Store it in the fridge. And then apply some on your body every night before going to bed. Think of it as a Vapor rub for cold. The beneficial ingredients stimulate your body to produce sleep hormones. And that ensures you can stay in bed for more than a few hours.

3. Rice Aromatherapy Eye Bags

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These rice bags help you relax and fall asleep. They also help with sinus pain and pressure. You can use them in two different ways, hot or cold. Put one in the freezer and use it for puffy eyes and sinus pain. Put the other in the microwave for two minutes and use it to relax before going to bed. The hot one also helps with a stuffy nose. Nothing should come in the way of your sleep.

4. Lavender And Vanilla Sleep Salve

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Lavender and vanilla are two essential oils that calm the body and mind. Combine them for a potent remedy that will help you sleep better. Just apply it before going to bed.

5. Stress Away Bedtime Spray

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There are different remedies for a sleep spray. The difference is in the essential oils inside. Some people prefer lavender. Others go for lemon or eucalyptus essential oil. But the best thing is to use the stress away essential oil. Yes, that is a thing.

6. Badger Sleep Balm

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The shelf life of this balm is six months. Of course, that is if you keep it closed and free from water. You can apply under the nose, lips, or temples. Some people apply to the wrist or neck, or even to the feet for extra moisture.

The balm is gentle. It is safe to use on infants. If you or your baby have sleep troubles, it is worth a shot. Apply to your baby to the bottom before bedtime. Or, you can massage it on the back.

7. Sleepy Time Magnesium Lotion Bars

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We all know magnesium helps our muscles relax. Some people take magnesium supplements at night. Your body needs this mineral to stay healthy. Now, if you do not want to take some magnesium supplements, we have an alternative. You can use these lotion bars to apply to your body at night. They will help you relieve itchy muscles, inflammation, and irritation. And of course, get a good night sleep.

8. Lavender Sleep Spray

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Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. And lavender is definitely a simple and effective solution for sleeping. Praised by many, science also proves lavender has sleep benefits. A couple of studies show that. Well, it is time to get on the lavender sleep bandwagon.

9. Aromatherapy Sleep Candles

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If you love lighting candles throughout your house, you can now add healthy benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Aromatherapy uses essential oils and implement them in your daily life. Candles are another way to enjoy the many benefits of essential oils. You can use scented candles for meditation and relaxation. They help get rid of distractions, and allow you to sleep stress-free. In the morning, you can light up a candle to uplift your mood and start on a positive note.

10. Natural Sleep Salve

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It is hard to fall asleep when you have a million things going through your brain. But that is where essential oils and sleep remedies help. This salve helps you sleep better, but also provides other benefits. For example, it provides nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. And it also increases circulation.

11. Aromatherapy Pillow Mist

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The two main ingredients in the mist are chamomile and lavender essential oil. Both help calm your body and mind. Together, they present an even more potent solution. This mist helps you when you are stressed or dealing with a chronic illness. You can spritz it on the pillows sheets, and even on your pajamas before going to bed.

12. Sleep Tight Bath Salts

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These salt baths contain magnesium. They dissolve in warm water and help your skin absorb magnesium. And as we said before, magnesium promotes feeling of calm and relaxation. The mineral stimulates production of serotonin, and relaxes your muscles. You get all the ingredients your body needs for a calm and restless sleep.

13. All Natural Sleep Balm

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There are two things we love in this sleep balm. The first one is you can make it in a matter of minutes. And the second is bergamot essential oil. Few people use bergamot. But it is one of the best sleep remedies. Bergamot signals to your system it is time to bed. The essential oil slows down the heart rate and lowers your body pressure. And your mind knows it is time to relax and sleep. Bonus: bergamot essential oil reduces anxiety and stress.

14. Sleep Deeper Massage Oil

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There is nothing better for relaxing than a massage. Sleep massages rise up in popularity lately. It is time to make your own. Get some essential oils, mix them with a carrier oil, and you are ready to go. Massage your body some 30 minutes before going to bed. That will be enough time for your system to shut down, and fall asleep.

15. Calming Pillow Spray

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Your pillow is the place where you go to sleep. And it is one of the easiest ways to improve your sleep. Just spritz or spray a couple of drops of sleep oils. Decide on an essential oil that suits you the most. You want a scent that is pleasant. But also an oil that reduces anxiety and calms your mind.

16. Herbal Dream Pillow

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Working in a garden is a great way to reduce stress and prepare yourself for sleeping. Luckily, you do not need a garden to make the dream pillow. You can source all the ingredients in your local store. Or buy them online.

Dream pillows are a way to heal patients with infirmities. Doctors use them all the time. And unlike other sleep-related pillows, they do not contain essential oils. Instead, you fill them with dried herbs that provide pleasant aroma.

17. Sleepy Time Essential Oil Lotion

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We talked about essential oils in length. It is only fitting that we finish off our list of sleep aids with an essential oil lotion.

In the meantime, we would appreciate if you share your sleep aids. We want to help each other, right?

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