20 Gorgeous DIY Spring And Easter Centerpieces

There is a reason why you need a centerpiece. The name suggests it all. A centerpiece will tie your entire decoration in the room together. This is your glue that connects everything together.

And if you thought you need to spend a lot of money on d├ęcor, think again. There are many ways you can create a DIY table centerpiece.

When it comes to centerpieces, some people opt for seasonal, and others go for classic centerpiece. You can even try something interactive. Today, we will look at some Easter and spring centerpieces.

1. Easter Egg Bouquet

Tutorial: bktribe.blogspot.com

We start off with a classic Easter centerpiece. After all, it is Easter and spring. And what better way than to combine the spirit of both. Spring equals flowers, and Easter equals eggs. An egg bouquet looks fitting here.

2. Apothecary Jar Terrarium Centerpiece

Tutorial: blesserhouse.com

If you fancy something green and fresh, this might be the idea for you. This centerpiece will completely transform your table. You will have the feeling you are dining in nature. And that is a great feeling, isn’t it?

3. Flower And Egg Vase Centerpiece

Tutorial: brooklynlimestone.com

Do you want something simple, yet effective? Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. This base with flowers and eggs looks and feels elegant and sophisticated. And you need only two ingredients. Stick to simple and elegant flowers.

4. Easter Basket Centerpiece

Tutorial: sinkology.com

Now here is something if you want to go over the top. If you fancy a centerpiece that will scream “I put a lot of effort and money in my centerpiece”, this is it. And the reality is your DIY basket centerpiece is inexpensive. Nice, right?

5. Eggshell Spring Floral Centerpiece

Tutorial: todaysnest.com

We love when people stick to simple and elegant solutions. You do not even have to dye the eggs for this solution. The only thing you need to do is find some spring flowers. The more colorful your flowers are, the better. But always use some green.

6. Happy Easter Tree Centerpiece

Tutorial: diyshowoff.com

What is the next level when you want to put spring flowers in the home? Well a tree of course. The most challenging part here are the happy Easter letters. Find something that is not too heavy to put your tree down. Remember, your tree doesn’t have big and stable roots.

7. Cabbage Vase Centerpiece

Tutorial: homeiswheretheboatis.net

Many people fail to see and understand the true beauty of cabbage. This vegetable can be more than just a salad side dish. Just look at the beauty of the leaves. And what is best is that cabbage is a spring vegetable. It gives you a beautiful green base for your flowers.

8. Spring Galvanized Centerpiece

Tutorial: priscillas2000.blogspot.com

Some people just like to go over the top. One floor of decorations is not enough for them. Well, we have nothing against that. That is why we want to give you some ideas for that as well. Make sure every floor is different.

9. Easter Grass Centerpiece

Tutorial: makoodle.com

Grass and eggs look like a perfect combination. These two can beautify any table. You can dye the eggs in different colors for some versatility.

10. Easter Nest Centerpiece

Tutorial: blog.williams-sonoma.com

We often store our Easter eggs in a nest for the holidays. But now, you can take the Easter eggs basket to the next level. It is time to put on the table and show everyone what you are about.

11. Mini Garden Centerpiece

Tutorial: anextraordinaryday.net

Some people have a yard, others do not. If you fall into the former group, you probably hide eggs in the garden or play some other games. Sadly, for those in the second group, there is no such option. But you can always bring the garden inside. As the saying goes, “if the mountain will not come to Muhammad”.

12. Jelly Bean Jar Centerpiece

Tutorial: missiontosave.com

When you think of Easter and spring, you rarely think of jelly beans. But we do associate the spring season with colors. One way to make your Easter centerpiece is with jelly beans. These come in different vivid colors. Pair them with some classic monochromatic flowers, and you have a winner.

13. Egg Basket Centerpiece

Tutorial: purelykatie.com

We had some egg nest and egg baskets, but it is now time to go back to basics. Simple, yet elegant and effective, this basket will make the table shine. And you can prepare it in a matter of minutes. Of course, as long as you have some basket in your home.

14. Rainbow Baby Breath Centerpiece

Tutorial: blissmakes.com

Baby’s breath is a flower symbolizing pureness and everlasting love. You can find it in different colors. This budget-friendly flower is great when you want to create a cheap, yet effective centerpiece. There is no need to splurge on flowers.

15. Sunflower And Peeps Centerpiece

Tutorial: stltoday.com

The middle of summer is the peak season for sunflowers. But they start blooming in the spring. With a late Easter, they make a great addition to your table. And is there anything better than shiny yellow flowers? The sun enters your home darling.

16. Easter Egg Topiary

Tutorial: sandandsisal.com

Topiary is the art of cutting trees and plants to resemble some animals or other objects. But you should never put a limit on art. There are no boundaries to creative thinking. Think of this eggs topiary as a tree you mold any way you like it.

17. Flower Basket With Eggs Centerpiece

Tutorial: papernstitchblog.com

We had some simple egg baskets. And we had egg nests. But now, we take things to the next level. Make a basket with flowers. This pair brings the best of the two worlds together.

18. Modern Spring Table Centerpiece

Tutorial: revelrygoods.com

Oftentimes, we do not need to complicate things. Simple decorations work great. For this decoration, we use some of the most common spring flowers. Create their stem with some decorative paper. You will have loads of fun creating this centerpiece.

19. Spring Fairy Garden Basket Centerpiece

Tutorial: triedandtrueblog.com

Now here is a centerpiece that anyone visiting your home will love. It is definitely visually appealing and eye-catching. And the best part is, you can easily make it. Just follow the instructions and you can get there.

20. Flower And Carrots Decoration

Tutorial: 1800flowers.com

It is amazing what you can do with just two simple ingredients. And you have to love it when you pair things from different worlds in the same color. These tulips work wonderfully with the carrots. Tulips come in different colors, but always look for those that pair well with your other decorations.

With that in mind, if you have some other ideas for a spring and Easter centerpiece, do not hesitate to share it. We can help each other decorate our homes.

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