16 Great DIY’s To Make Cords And Cables Disappear

Do you want to live in a messy home, tied down by messy wires? Or do you want to live in a clear, uncluttered home where you organize everything? If you fall into the former group, stop reading now. If you fall into the organized group, continue on.

It is annoying when you see cables everywhere. Cables can also pose a hazard waiting to happen. You can trip or slip on them.

There are a couple of ways to organize cables and cords. You can tie them and hide them, you can wrap them in color, or organize them into a beautiful work of art. If you have a bit more money, you can invest in furniture with cord management escapes.

But if you like to organize them, we have a couple of DIY ideas. These are all cheap and easy to make. And most importantly, visually appealing.

1. Box Cover

Tutorial: me-and-mrjones.com

You cannot even see the cables and cords on this picture. Instead, you see a beautiful cabinet with some accessories and decorations. The cables are beneath the books. This way, you hide the cables, and you look smart in the process. When guests come to your house, they see the books. Your intelligence goes up instantly.

2. Wicker Box For Power Cable Cords

Tutorial: dogsdonteatpizza.com

Sometimes, the solution cost a little than a few bucks. But you need someone to tell it to you. For your computer cables, we recommend a wicker box. You can buy it any IKEA store or similar store. This might not be a work of art. But at least you have your cables organized and hidden.

3. Behind The Desk Storage With Pegboard

Tutorial: lifehacker.com

The more cables you have, the more challenging it is to hide them. Well, for the next level challenge, we have a next level solution. Pegboard is a great way to add multiple ways to organize and store your cables, routers, and similar electronic devices. The important part here is to be careful when positioning tour desk. Do not put it too close to the wall. You do not want to break any of your equipment, right?

4. Charging Station In Bread Box

Tutorial: germanpearls.com

Creative ideas often reuse or recycle some item you already have at home. You might think it doesn’t matter where I charge my phone. Well, it certainly doesn’t look good when your phone stands on the sofa with guests in the house. Hide your chargers in the kitchen.

5. Under The Table Cord Concealment

Tutorial: popsci.com

You will need to put a bit effort into this one. But at the end of the day, it is well worth it. Your cables might still be visible, but they are organized. Wrap and tie them together, and you are set to go. You can make this a weekend challenge. Ready to take on it?

6. Outlet In Drawer To Hide Cords

Tutorial: hydrangeatreehouse.com

We enjoy having technology and gadgets that improve our life. But sometimes, they can make our home messy. With this tutorial, you can update your nightstand drawer with power outlet and hide all the technology mess. You can install a power strip in any drawer. That can be a charging station or anything else you like. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on how far you want to go.

7. Cords Along Baseboards

Tutorial: redesign4more.com

This might be one of the more effective ways to hide cords. Of course, you need to have baseboards in your home. But if that is the case, you can easily hide the cords along them. Connect your entire home with cords thanks to the baseboards.

8. Basket Organizer Under The Desk

Tutorial: organizingmadefun.blogspot.com

If your only goal is to organize cables and cords, baskets are more than enough. They help you organize the cables. You are not getting something visually appealing. But at least the solution is practical. And for some people, that is more than enough.

9. Mod Podge Cord Decor

Tutorial: rainonatinroof.com

If you do not want to use a plain cord cover you can find at any local hardware store, go the DIY way. You can make the cord cover as versatile and as customizable as you like. You can paint the cord cover to match the walls. It is obvious it is there, but you’ve done a bit covering. With a colorful spin, you embrace the cord cover, but give it a fun and visually appealing look.

10. Cord Wall Art

Tutorial: mahabride.wordpress.com

We talked at the beginning that you can turn cords into art. This comes in handy when you have a plain white wall. Cords make the wall more visually appealing and vivid. Most people opt for buildings, but you can go any way you like it. For example, you can “draw” even birds and animals with your cords.

11. Pegboard And Ziplock Ties Under The Table

Tutorial: instructables.com

We talked before how you can use a pegboard and place it behind your table. But if that is the case, you cannot move the table too close to the wall. In this case, you still use all the benefits of a pegboard, and you can move the table closer to the wall. Just look at the before and after pictures. See how the cables are all organized?

12. Hide Cords In Walls

Tutorial: engineermommy.com

Hiding cords in walls is a bit more complicated makeover. You need to make holes in the wall, and then cover the holes. But if you want to truly make the cords invisible, hiding them in walls might be the perfect option.

13. Charger And Cord Organizer

Tutorial: makesomethingmondays.com

You only need a few supplies for this solution. For starters, you need a cardboard box. Some toilet paper rolls, and you are ready to go. You’ll also need duct tape to cover the box. You can also use washi tape if you feel artistic. Washi tape will give your cords organizer a more colorful visual look.

14. Curtain Cover

Tutorial: drivenbydecor.com

Looking at this solution, it seems like the simplest thing you can do. Just put a curtain over the cords and cables. Looks simple, beautiful, elegant, and most importantly, effective. If you cannot hassle with DIY makeovers, but you want to hide the cords, here you have an option.

15. Cord Covers

Tutorial: 11magnolialane.com

Electrical cords are part of life. We have to embrace them. After all, air conditioning, computers, kitchen devices, lights, they all come with cords. There are a couple of methods you can use to hide them. In this tutorial, we show you some easy tips for people with moderate skills.

16. Vanishing Vines For TV Cables

Tutorial: cutoutandkeep.net

The best thing you can do with cables and cords is create art. Now, not everyone has the sense and touch for art. But with a good tutorial, that is possible. It is only fitting that we finish our list with a vanishing vines art. We hope you enjoy it.

If you have any other idea how to organize and hide cords, do tell. Together, we can make the world a better place. It is great that we are able to share our creative ideas with each other.

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