18 Unexpected Pine Cone DIY’s To Beautify Your Home

Pine cones are some of the cheapest decorations you can find. They seem to be everywhere during December and January. You can even find some in your backyard. Or go on a hiking trail, and come back with a bunch of pine cones.

They are definitely one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations. Today, we will talk how you can use this beautiful natural item to your own benefit.

The best part is these decorations are cheap. You do not have to spend a dime. Just go and find some outside.

There is something for everyone. We have some beginner-level decorations. But we also have some ideas for the more ambitious among you.

1. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Tutorial: practicallyfunctional.com

Let’s start with the simplest decoration you can make. Simply sprinkle some cinnamon on your dried pine cones, and that is it. Cinnamon gives you a great holiday spirit scent in your home. Honestly, you can sprinkle it anywhere.

From there, put the pine cones anywhere you feel like it.

2. Zinnia Flower Pine Cones

Tutorial: afancifultwist.typepad.com

If you want more colorful decoration than the neutral brown, grab some paints. It is time to have some fun painting pine cones. We leave the color options to you.

Some people go for a flower-like colors. Others, go for something like white pine cones under a Christmas tree. It is all up to you.

3. Square Pine Cone Frame/Wreath

Tutorial: diys.com

If there is one decoration you will find in almost any home, that is the wreath. There are many ways you can make a wreath at home. Pine cones are just one of the options.

Again, the sky is the limit for your idea. Use only brown pine cones if you like a serious note. Or add some color if you want to “spice things up”. Relax, and put your mind to wander into the creative world.

4. Pinecone Topiary

Tutorial: allparenting.com

We said we have some complicated ideas for the ambitious ones. Well, why not make a topiary? It is a true art of practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.

But instead of clipping trees, you are piecing them together. Fun change, right? The final decoration looks like a bouquet of flowers. If you have any other idea for a topiary, go for it. We just want to stimulate your creativeness.

5. Pine Cone Roses

Tutorial: sustainmycrafthabit.com

Speaking of flowers and bouquets, why not roses? We had some painted pine cones before. Now, you will paint them with a specific purpose. Roses come in different colors.

At the end of the day, it depends on your preferences and style. Violet roses are awesome. And if you like a bit more sophisticated and serious option, go for the red roses. Or why not try something you cannot find on the market? Like, green roses?

6. Pine Cone Garland

Tutorial: onsuttonplace.com

If you are up for the challenge, a garland is also a nice idea. A garland is a decorative wreath of flowers, leaves, or other materials. You can hang them on an object, land in a place of cultural importance, or wear them around the neck or on the head.

In this case, we put the garland on the front door. It is a nice way to welcome guests and show them what they can expect inside. A true natural and decorative home.

7. Pine Cone Bouquet With Stems

Tutorial: instrupix.com

We had a few pine cone roses before. Now, we go for a full bouquet. And there is a bonus touch. The stems make it as real and as fresh as possible. Again, play with the colors as much as you like. After all, it is your home.

8. Painted Pine Cone Wreath

Tutorial: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

This wreath is a bit richer than the one we had at the beginning. But as we said, there is something for everyone. You can go with a basic wreath, or an advanced one. Here, you paint the pine cones, and make them look like real flowers.

Add some winter trees, and you have a great decoration for your front door.

9. Pine Cone Kissing Ball

Tutorial: blog.consumercrafts.com

Many people confuse kissing balls with mistletoe. Well, a kissing ball is the big sister of the mistletoe. And after all, kissing balls came first.

These Christmas decorations come in small, medium, or large decorative bunches. They hang from the ceiling, or wherever you install them. They have to be in voluptuous ball shape.

Lately, these vintage Christmas decorations are making a comeback. So, prepare for your next holiday. You can accent them with pine cones, berries, ribbons, or anything you like. As long as it is festive.

10. Glittery Pine Cones Chandelier Ornaments

Tutorial: missmustardseed.com

Here is a nice idea for the winter decorations of your home. Pine cones might be simple and basic decorations. But put them in the right setting, the right environment, and they look like the most expensive decoration out there.

This is definitely a sophisticated idea. And one you can definitely make.

11. Pine Cone Flower Magnets

Tutorial: hometalk.com

If you are into the world of magnets, we have a colorful and joyful idea for you. The big challenge is finding some magnets to attach to the pine cones. From there, you can enter your creative side.

Of course, hang them on the fridge. Or any other place where you want more flowers.

12. Pine Cone Wax Fire Starters

Tutorial: rootedinthyme.blogspot.com

Now doesn’t this look and feel romantic? You can definitely wander into some other word. Invite your friends, or your loved one, and enjoy a nice and quiet night by the fire. The decorations enrich the atmosphere, and you can wander with your mind into some quiet place deep into the forest.

13. Pine Cone Mason Jar Embellishments

Tutorial: blog.consumercrafts.com

Mason jars are a standard in DIY projects. Well, some people do not like the plain old Mason jars. They need something more. Well, put a simple pine cone embellishment, and you are good to go. What you store inside is up to you.

14. Faux Succulent Vertical Garden

Tutorial: kenarry.com

We had pine cone flowers. We had pine cone bouquet. Well, the next step is building your very own garden. And why stop there? As long as you have enough pine cones, and you want to have fun, continue building your world.

Who knows, you might create an entire forest.

15. Pinecone Centerpiece And Place Holders

Tutorial: ritamay-days.blogspot.com

One of the simplest, yet effective ways to use pine cones is to decorate your table. They are perfect decoration during the winter holidays. Or any other time of the year when it is chilly and cold outside. You cannot put pine cones during the summer hot months, of course.

Think of it as a cheap, yet very visually appealing way to decorate your table.

16. Pine Cone Candle Holders

Tutorial: iheartnaptime.net

Another table setting we love. Just be careful. You do not want to overdo it. If you go with a pine cones centerpiece, you cannot put candles as well. You have to find a perfect balance. If you do not have a centerpiece, these candle holders will look beautiful on the table.

17. Bleached Pine Cones

Tutorial: sandandsisal.com

We had some colorful pine cones. You can use them to bring colors to the world. But if you like something more elegant, bleaching is the way to go.

It gives pine cones a bit of rustic and natural feeling. It all depends on the interior style you are going for.

18. Plaster Pinecone Christmas Tree Picture

Tutorial: pillarboxblue.com

We said before we can make an entire forest with pine cones. Being that they are common during the holidays, it is only fitting we finish off with a Christmas tree. You can have your big tree. But put some decorations around the house as well.

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