21 Recipes For Your Favorite Breads To Make With Ease

How do you make bread from scratch? And how do you do it without yeast? We have the answers for you.

Nowadays, more and more people are going the home baking way for bread. This way, you know exactly what you put in your bread. And with more and more technology for baking bread, it is easier than ever.

So, with that in mind, let’s get into the world of baking. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in the craft, we have the bread for you.

1. No-Knead No-Yeast Homemade Bread

Recipe: spainonafork.com

We start with the most basic and simple bread. Made with basic ingredients, it is still full of flavor. You can prepare it in less than one hour. All you need is some olive oil and your favorite herbs. And you are ready for baking.

2. Sourdough Bread With Starter

Recipe: feedyoursoul2.com

There are only trace amounts of gluten in this bread. If you are trying to reduce gluten in your life, this bread is picture-perfect for you. Now, if even trace amounts of gluten cause problems, look for another option down the list.

3. Japanese Fluffy Milk Bread

Recipe: yummyeasycooking.blogspot.com

These rolls are incredibly soft and airy. If you are looking for soft and light loaf, this is the one to go. Quick and easy to make, you can bake it in less than one hour. You can also make it less chewy. The homemade aroma in the kitchen is the icing on the cherry.

4. Slow Cooker Multi-Grain Artisan Bread

Recipe: wildernesswife.com

Slow cooking technology has advanced over the years. And that made it a great option for baking bread. This multigrain artisan bread will be a treat for all members of the family. The best part about this bread is you can prepare it without heating the kitchen. Perfect for hot summery days when you want to avoid extra heat.

5. Sugar-Free Bread Rolls

Recipe: reallysugarfree.com

You want white bread without sugar? We have a recipe for you. There is no need for sugar in this bread recipe. Ideal for sandwiches or for dinner rolls with soup. The bread is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

6. Semolina Bread

Recipe: vintagekitchennotes.com

What is there not to like in a semolina bread? Golden crust, creamy texture, and the amazing flavor. Oh my God. It is just irresistible.

Semolina bread is one of the favorite and go-to recipes for homemade bread. You will love the crusty bread with your dinner, breakfast, or lunch dishes.

7. Homemade Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Recipe: watchwhatueat.com

Wheat-based breads are great. But if you buy them commercially, be prepare for a flour that will spike your sugar intake. They are also loaded with chemicals that increase shelf life.

So, with that in mind, if you like wheat-based breads but you want something healthier, have a look. It is fun, easy, and super quick to make.

8. Secret Ingredient No-Knead Bread

Recipe: gonnawantseconds.com

Whenever you read secret ingredient, you think of something super flavorful. Well, this bread is exactly that. What you get is a perfectly crisp crust with an ultra-light and fluffy interior. Simply put, if there is a perfect bread, this is it.

The flavor is on point. You can even eat it on its own without any topping. But the best part is you need only 10 minutes of preparation. Throw it in the oven afterward and wait.

9. Overnight Artisan Bread

Recipe: somethingswanky.com

The beauty here is that you can prepare the bread in the evening. And then, in the morning, you are welcomed by a crusty and steamy bread. Oh my God, you will love it. The recipe is fool-proof. There is absolutely no chance you make a mistake.

10. Homemade Sourdough Bread

Recipe: pantsdownapronson.com

Sourdough bread is the daddy of all bread. This is a naturally leavened bread with a fermented culture consisting of wild yeast and lactobacilli. The fermentation takes a bit longer than commercial yeasts. But it makes the bread healthier.

This type of bread has a chewy and mildly sour texture with a lovely crispy crust. This beginner recipe is your start. From there, you can experiment. But first, learn how to make your own bread from scratch.

11. Authentic German Bread Rolls

Recipe: mygerman.recipes

In Germany, bread rolls a small and round individual loaf of bread. They serve it as a meal accompaniment. You can eat it whole or cut it transversely and dress it with filling between the two halves.

Today, we have a recipe how to bake rolls to get the real German taste.

12. Ciabatta Bread

Recipe: bakedbyanintrovert.com

Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, olive oil, yeast, salt, and water. It first appeared in a bakery in Verona. Think of it as an alternative to French baguettes. It is an elongated, broad, and flat bread. You can bake it in many variations.

Today, we will give you a recipe for a simple ciabatta bread. You will get a rustic Italian loaf perfect for dipping into soups or sauces.

13. Spinach Flatbread With Saffron Yogurt Sauce

Recipe: spainonafork.com

Most of the breads on our list were basic. They all deliver the classic bread taste and flavor. Time to take things to the next level. If you want to add some flavor to your bread, this spinach recipe is perfect for you. The best part is you can make it in less than 30 minutes.

14. Traditional Irish Soda Bread

Recipe: thelastfoodblog.com

This is a bread you can make it every day of the week and twice on Sunday. It pairs perfectly with soups. But most importantly, you can put into your kids school lunch box or serve it as an after school snack.

15. Life-Changing Cornbread

Recipe: miminewman.com

This moist cornbread recipe delivers a tight crumb. The taste is different than classic crumbly cornbread. And that is what makes it great and amazing. There are hundreds of recipes for cornbread online. But his one is our favorite. After tasting the flavor, it will be yours as well.

16. Whole-Wheat No-Knead Bread

Recipe: delscookingtwist.com

This recipe is a variation of the original no-knead bread. The whole wheat version will deliver a taste like an artisan bread. And you can make it with absolutely little to no effort invested.

17. Gluten-Free Flaxseed Bread

Recipe: eatingcheating.com

We said before that we will give you a gluten-free recipe for bread. Well, here it is. This one is keto-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Absolutely perfect taste and flavor for all gluten intolerant people out there. You get a bread with a nice dense texture.

18. Dinner Rolls

Recipe: jernejkitchen.com

It is nearly impossible to resist these soft bread rolls. They are soft, fluffy, and come with a milky interior. The exterior is golden-brown, shiny, and buttery. You can serve them for breakfast, brunch, side dish, or any other occasion you like.

The recipe is simple enough for beginners. Kids love them. And the best part is you can store them at room temperature or freeze them in the freezer.

19. Potato Paneer Pave

Recipe: mydiversekitchen.com

Pave is a French word for cobblestone. Basically it is a smaller somewhat French bread that is slightly rounded on top. Generally, French shape them as square or rectangle. You can say Pave is a slightly taller irregularly shaped bread.

For today’s version, we need potato, thyme, and goat cheese.

20. Rustic Lard Bread

Recipe: 2pots2cook.com

If you are looking for some vintage recipe that tastes perfectly even today, we have the one. This rustic bread easily makes its way to any kitchen and household. Tasty, and when you wrap it in a foil, it can last for five days.

21. Rye Sourdough Overnight Bread

Recipe: theunicook.com

We finish our list with an overnight recipe. Prepare it before you go to bed, leave it to prove overnight, and bake in the morning. You will love the taste and flavor with your breakfast. The recipe is a twist on the classic sourdough bread. As a result, you get a great bread that will keep you fuller for a longer period.

We would also like to know what is your favorite homemade baking bread recipe? Share it with us!

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