18 Delightfully Sweet Immune-Boosting Treats

Take care of yourself, and your immune system will take care of you. This age-old saying applies even today. What do you consume on a daily basis? Do you consume more healthy foods? Or your diet consists of fast food?

Well, if you fall into the latter group, it might be time to rethink your priorities. Research suggests compounds in herbs, fruits, and vegetables can boost the immune system. And we believe it.

Most of the time, when we talk about immune boosting foods, we talk about foods high in Vitamin C and minerals. Well, today, we want to give you some quick treats.

Instead of reaching for a bar of chocolate, try some healthy treats. These bite-sized delights will come in handy when you crave sugar and unhealthy foods.

1. Immune-Boosting Lemon Ginger Energy Bites

Recipe: fitlivingeats.com

Lemon and ginger are two ingredients that are high on the immune-boosting foods list. Lemon is the best source of vitamin C, while ginger provides anti-inflammatory properties. Combine them, and you have potent snack bites.

2. Paleo Sweet And Sour Hibiscus Ginger Gelatin Gummies

Recipe: asquirrelinthekitchen.com

These gummies taste good and look awesome. We love when treats look cute and adorable. For some reason, people want them even more. Nowadays, it is more about the looks. So, with that in mind, we have some treats that are Instagram-friendly. Remember to eat them after you take a picture for your social media story.

3. Immune Boosting Raw Citrus Slice

Recipe: changinghabits.com.au

Do you want some sweet treats? Well, we have some sweet delights that are both tasty and healthy. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit are loaded with vitamin C. They also provide a healthy dose of fiber and some minerals. And if you thought citrus fruits are not sweet, think again. Just try these cookies before you comment.

4. Immune-Boosting Breakfast Cookies

Recipe: empowerednutrition.org

One of the first things nutritionists and health experts will tell you is do not eat something sweet for breakfast. But that applies only for chocolate and artificial sugar. When you consume healthy sweets and natural sugar, your breakfast provides loads of energy.

Think of these energy bars like the best thing to kick start your day. They provide much more energy than a cup of coffee.

5. Gooseberries And Coconut Muffins

Recipe: justaddpatience.co.uk

If you like something exotic and tropical, let’s talk gooseberries. They are native to Europe, but you can also find them in northern Africa. These berries are loaded with antioxidants and minerals. At first, the taste might be strange. But after a muffin or two, you will love them.

6. Superfood Chocolate Bark

Recipe: shuangyskitchensink.com

Chocolate can be healthy. Of course, as long as it is chocolate high in cocoa and some antioxidants. So, instead of buying chocolate from the grocery store, make one at home. You need cocoa and then berries. Blueberries work the best, but you can use whatever you have. As long as they are high in vitamins and antioxidants.

7. Immune Boosting Elderberry Energy Bites

Recipe: homesteadingabc.com

Did you know that these berries can be used to make medicine? Yes, they are that healthy. Now, you can get them for your treats. The dark purple berry from the European elder tree provides a unique taste and kick to your bites.

As for the benefits, alternative medicine uses them to treat colds and flu.

8. Basic Ghee Brownies

Recipe: forksandgold.com

Now, you might be wondering what is ghee? Well, ghee is a class of clarified butter. It is part of the Indian traditional cuisine. You make ghee by melting regular butter and remove the milk solids. So, in a way, ghee has less lactose than butter.

So, when you want to make cookies for lactose-intolerant people, go for ghee. These brownies taste wonderfully even without butter.

9. Gelatin Flu Shoots

Recipe: farmersalmanac.com

So, you have the flu. And now, a doctor prescribes you some antibiotics, three per day. Well, what if you could consume gelatin shots instead? These are packed with all the good and healthy stuff your immune system and body need.

10. Immune Boosting Cookies

Recipe: beenthere-bakedthat.com

Berries, berries, and then even more berries. That is the surefire recipe for an immune-boosting treat. At the end of the day, as long as you have berries, you are set. You just have to choose your favorite berries and shape of the treats.

11. Sooji Rava Dates Bites

Recipe: mylittlemoppet.com

We go to India again. Sooji rava is a type of ingredient made of whole wheat grain granulated and refined. For this recipe, we recommend you combine it with dates for sweet tasty treat.

12. Lemon Ginger And Honey Gummies

Recipe: joannafrankham.com

We talked before about lemon and ginger. Now, we add honey to the mix. Honey has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply put, a healthy injection. And you get it in the form of gummies. Do you want an injection in the butt, or some gummies as treats? You choose!

13. Avocado Turmeric Fudge Brownies

Recipe: blog.paleohacks.com

Let’s talk superfoods. Avocado is a superfood rich in vitamins, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Turmeric, on the other hand, is one of the healthiest spices. Combine them together for your brownies. They are moist, healthy, and delightful.

14. Immune Boosting Chocolate Truffles

Recipe: instructables.com

We said before chocolate can be healthy. It is all about how to make chocolate at home. We had some chocolate bars. Now, we recommend you try some chocolate truffles.

15. Immune Boosting Breakfast Bars

Recipe: happyhealthymama.com

Breakfast is the most important meal in the day. Do it right, and you will eat healthy the rest of the day. Do it wrong, and you will crave sugar, chips, salty and unhealthy treats. So, what is your choice? We have some bars that are healthy and sweet. And you can make them in a couple of minutes.

16. Immune Boosting Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe: thewrightfoodie.com

Chocolate cookies are a classic dessert. And we have a recipe that is as healthy as it is sweet. Dates and sweet potato provide the sweet taste of the cookies.

17. Antioxidant Amazeballs

Recipe: littlegreenspoon.ie

You cannot go wrong with Matcha green tea powder. Rich in antioxidants, the powder is the healthiest thing you can put on your cookies. For these cookies, you need almonds, cacao powder, chia seeds, and honey. Yes, they are sweet. But they are also healthy.

18. Coconut Lime Donuts Adaptogens

Recipe: ditchtherecipe.org

Let’s finish off with the classic treat, a doughnut. When we think of donuts, we think of unhealthy treats. After all, it is the unofficial treat for obese policemen. It is time to change that viewpoint. It is time to give the doughnuts their rightful place. These treats can be delicious and healthy in the same time.

We have the recipe for the healthiest treats. But we hope you can share some more with us. Don’t be afraid, show your cooking skills.

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