22 Cutest Photos To Make With Chalk And Your Kids

Chalk is a soft, white, porous, and sedimentary carbonate rock. It is a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite. But it is not always white. There are colored chalk, or chalk paint.

Composed of the shells of minute marine organisms, the purest variety of chalk contains up to 99% calcium carbonate.

Chalk paint is a self-primer that adheres to most surfaces. It is as durable as latex paint. Today, we will talk about some fun you can have with chalk paint.

Chalk is a great way to paint with your kids. And you can get your masterpiece on any surface you can think of.

1. In This Together

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A great way to show your bond with your kids. We do everything together, and it is an important message to the kids as well.

2. Gymnastic

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If you cannot do gymnastics, you can always imagine doing it. Paint some gym on the street, and enjoy “playing”. You can always try doing gymnastics outside. But in the meantime, it is a nice way to get an awesome picture.

3. Pixie On A Mushroom

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Yes, the top of the mushroom is a great place to take a nap. It is a picture taken out of a children’ stories and fairytales. Time to dream and enjoy.

4. Out Of This World

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Do you ever get the feeling you are out of this world? Like you are different than anyone else? It is OK to feel different. Try to send that message to your kids. This picture definitely helps.

5. Thank You For Helping Me Grow

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Most kids are thankful. They know we care for them. They know we help them get through life. And with pictures like this one, they want to say thank you.

6. Sleeping On The Moon

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Let’s take a ride to the moon and back? Let’s enjoy the world of dreams? It is a nice world, isn’t it? Every kid can and should dream about doing things that are not normal.

7. Diving In The Deep

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Not all of us live close to a sea or a lake. But we can all take a deep dive. And we have chalk to help us get a picture of that. You will have loads of fun painting the sea.

8. Hungry Gator

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This is a picture taken right out of the Peter Pan movies. Yes, Captain Cook tried to escape the gator. Does your kid want to be in a movie? This is as close as you can get.

9. Blowing Bubbles

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It is just amazing how creative you can get with chalk. You can paint anything you like. Even something as usual and as common as bubbles. But while normal bubbles pop after a second or two, these bubbles are there to stay.

10. Let’s Par Lee

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Are you ready for a party? Well, your kids definitely are

11. Stronger Together

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The most important ingredient in a successful relationship is togetherness. If we do everything together, we will be better. Two are better than one. And a team works better than one individual.

12. Butterfly

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Do your kids dream about being a butterfly, or any other animal? Well, thanks to chalk, you can fulfill your kids’ dreams. That is the beauty of chalk, it makes dreams come true.

13. Skateboarding

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A lot of parents think skateboarding is dangerous. Kids can fall and injuries do happen. Well, what about something looking like skateboarding, but safe? The answer is chalk.

14. Sun And Rain

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The goal with chalk is to create a perfect Instagram picture. Sometimes, these pictures are elegant and sporty. But sometimes they are just fun and entertaining. Like this one, for example.

15. Relaxing In The Sea

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In the event you cannot go to the sea and enjoy the sun, you can chalk up some paint. You will get the perfect Instagram snap. And it might be even more colorful than the real deal.

16. Climbing The Rainbow

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Ah the rainbow, the mysterious event that happens after a light rain. The rainbow is among the nature’s most beautiful displays. It is time to climb on it and get a colorful picture.

17. Circus Act

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Let’s try fool around. Kids love animals, that is a given. And animals love playing with kids. While we don’t get into the whole circus concept, good or bad, kids and animals is always a cute picture.

18. Ballooned Away

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Do you want to fly away with balloons? Now you have the chance to see how it looks. Here is one way to get a perfect Instagram picture.

19. Monocycle

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Going back to the circus acts, you can try something without animals. The monocycle is another part of the circus. Albeit, a bit more dangerous.

20. Perfect Score

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Getting the perfect score in gymnastics is not an easy deal. Truth be told, it is not easy to draw the entire gymnastics podium with chalk as well. So, get drawing and then create the perfect picture.

21. Quarantine Shopping

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Everything is different in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world. And that applies to kids as well as adults. This is how kids go shopping in 2020.

22. Care For The Earth

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We finish off the list with one of the most important messages we can send. It is a message our kids need to learn at young age. Take care of the planet, and the planet will give back to you.

Now, all that is left is to get some chalk and start playing.

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