16 Smart Tricks And Crafts For Your Smartphone

We live in the era of smartphones and smart devices. That is a fact. Numbers show smartphone users in the US will reach 270 million in 2020. We use our smartphones for more and more tasks. Some 10 years ago, we used smartphones for making calls, and taking some pictures.

Today? Smartphones are our primary source of information. More than half of Google searches come from mobile devices.

We can understand the beauty and the addiction to smartphones. Now, as long as you are not going over the top, your smartphone is a must-have device. Today, we want to talk about some tips and tricks for how to make your smartphone even more useful and versatile.

This will come as a surprise, but there is much more potential in your smartphone. Let’s check some of these creative DIY ideas.

1. Phone Holder Photo Display

Tutorial: anikasdiylife.com

We use our smartphones most of the day. But we know that holding the phone in your hand and watching a video or reading news is not good for our posture. That is where smartphone holders help. To be honest, you cannot hold your phone and work in the kitchen. Now, with a holder, you can achieve that. We want to give you a holder that looks beautiful, and serves a purpose.

2. Smartphone Wallet

Tutorial: my3monsters.com

With the world moving from cash to credit cards, wallets grow smaller in size. Nowadays, you do not need more than a credit card and an ID in your wallet. Some change can come in handy, but that is about it. There are many smartphone cases that serve as wallet as well. But we want to stick to the homemade and DIY projects. It is much cheaper to make one than to buy one.

3. Felt Earbud Holder

Tutorial: averageinspired.com

Earbuds come with lots of cables and cords. And we do not like that. We want to keep things organized. Well, here is a DIY project that will help you organize and keep your earbuds in place.

4. Phone Case Stand

Tutorial: .madebymarzipan.com

Same as the phone holder at the beginning, the goal here is to keep your smartphone in place and use it. All while you are working in your kitchen, or using your elliptical exercise machine in your home. Gone are the days when you do one task at a time. We live in the multitasking world.

5. Easy iPhone Bumper Case

Tutorial: diyselfy.blogspot.com

When you pay more than $1,000 for a phone, you want to keep it protected. And safe. If you drop your iPhone, it will probably break. Repairs sometimes cost as much as a new phone. Bumper cases protect your phone from falls and drops. With some rubber, you can make one at home. And use any color you want.

6. Racing Game Console For Smartphone

Tutorial: instructables.com

One of the popular activities on smartphones is gaming. Everyday, there is a new hot and popular game for smartphones. Racing games are among the most popular. If you want to experience racing games in a new way, here is one DIY project for you. You will definitely feel more like driving the car. Not just moving your smartphone up and down.

7. Padded Phone Pouch

Tutorial: weallsew.com

Fashionable, creative, and useful. Now that is a DIY project we love. Keep your phone protected in a pouch that looks amazing. Just find any fabric you have at home but you do not use. And sew it into a pouch.

8. Phone Pocket

Tutorial: thepetitesewist.com

Most leggings do not have a pocket for your phone. Some runners opt for armbands for their phone while running. Another option would be to make a pocket for your leggings. It is easy. You do not need to have special skills in sewing or manufacturing.

9. Phone Amplifier And Stand

Tutorial: muminthemadhouse.com

Some might say this device is unnecessary. After all, we have the JBLs. But those are quite expensive. With this neat trick, you can turn your phone into a stereo device capable of producing music for the whole group. Whenever you are out for a picnic, or a group gathering, use this device to play music for everyone.

10. Phone Charger Holder

Tutorial: vintagezest.com

What we love the most in these smartphone tips and ideas is that they keep our phone safe. Take this charging holder for example. There is no need to keep your phone on the floor while charging. You might step on it. Or if it so on the sofa, the phone might fall off. With this trick, you keep your phone safe and secure while charging.

11. Earbud Holder From Prescription Pill Bottle

Tutorial: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

The main trick in DIY projects is to take something you do not need and do not use, and turn it into something functional. When you finish off with the medication pill bottle, you throw it away. Well, what if we tell you there are creative ideas you can make? This earbud holder is just one option.

12. Digital Microscope With Smartphone

Tutorial: bitesizebio.com

We said at the beginning that smartphones have a much wider capability than we use them for. They are more than just a device we use to make phone calls and take pictures. Look at this idea for example. Who knew our smartphone can be a microscope as well?

13. Basic Sand And Water Protector

Tutorial: popsugar.co.uk

Just do a quick Google search, and you will find thousands of stories of people ruining their phone by water and sand. Yes, new and modern phones come with water protection. But that applies only to the premium models. Lower and medium end models do not always have waterproof protection. Even if they do, you can never be 100% certain. With this protector, you can be.

14.  Simple Armband For Phone

Tutorial: imaginegnats.com

We had a pocket in your leggings. We said some people opt for the armband while running. There is no reason to pay for an armband. Why when you can make at home? And the price is lower than a buck.

15. Bike Smartphone Holder

Tutorial: instructables.com

Some of the premium bikes might come with a smartphone holder. Or you can buy the accessory. But it might cost you a hundred dollars. We have an idea how to make a simple holder for your smartphone. Keep your Strava app running safely in the background while you are cycling.

16. Ultimate Smartphone Projector

Tutorial: diyphotography.net

Yes, you can turn your smartphone into a projector. This might come as a surprise for many of you. But even large corporate companies use their smartphone as a projector. There is no need to pay for pricey projectors sometimes.

If you have any other practical and functional ideas for tips and tricks for our smartphones, do tell.

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