20 Super Healthy Meals To Keep Your Immunity Up

You should keep your immune system strong at all times. There are always allergies, viruses, and bacteria lurking around. Flu season is often two times per year. We now have the corona crisis. Your immune system is the first line of defense against viruses and bacteria.

You can boost your immune system even when you are sick. That is actually one of the best ways to fight a cold or flu. The trick is to plan your meals to include foods with certain nutrients. Malnutrition hurts your immune system.

Citrus fruits, green vegetables, garlic, ginger, these are some of the foods that boost your immune system. If you notice symptoms like inflammation, blood disorders, digestive issues, loss of appetite, or fatigue, it is time to fight back. These are symptoms of weak immune system. So, let’s take a look at some immune boosting meals.

1. Immune Boosting Soup

Recipe: thehealthymaven.com

We start off with the classic meal to boost your immune system. And that is the soup. We all know chicken soup is the best way to fight off the cold. Well, this is not a chicken soup and it is even healthier.

When you feel under the weather, especially in the winter months, it is time to kick your immune system into high gear. With superfoods like kale, this soup will provide all the minerals and vitamins your body needs. And it is quite delicious too.

2. White Bean Kale Sweet Potato Soup

Recipe: foodbyjonister.com

We love soups with whole foods. This one is just like that. Light and tasty, the soup brings the superfoods into your diet. Kale is again the main ingredient, but you have whole foods like sweet potato and white beans.

The soup is not only healthy, but also nutritious. You won’t feel hungry for a while after eating it. Some soups are light and you are hungry 30 minutes after eating. Not with this one.

3. Immunity-Boosting Teriyaki Buddha Bowl

Recipe: thefoodiephysician.com

Let’s jump to India, Tibet, and other Asian countries that worship Buddha. One of the main principles in Buddhism is to take care of your body. You will see monks meditate and exercise.

They also need fuel for their body. And what better fuel than some healthy foods. Avocado is the main ingredient in this bowl, so you know you are getting healthy fats and vitamins.

4. Turmeric Ginger Broth

Recipe: amodestfeast.com

This meal will come in handy when you want something light. If you are hungry, make sure to eat something else after the soup. The soup is tasty and delicious, but light.

Great for a quick dinner or for between main meals. Turmeric and ginger are two spices that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. For many years, turmeric was a hidden secret of India. Not anymore.

5. Salmon With Sauerkraut And Green Cabbage Stir Fry

Recipe: germanfoods.org

What a lot of people do not know is that our body needs fat. But healthy fats, like the omega-3 fatty acids in fish. And when it comes to fish, nothing beats salmon. If you can find wild salmon, even better.

The best way to consume high fatty fish like salmon is with light veggies and salad. Cabbage definitely fits the bill. And at the same time, it provides a lot of vitamin C.

6. Garlic Soup For Colds

Recipe: yurielkaim.com

Even doctors will tell you garlic is as good as antibiotics. The antiviral and anti-inflammation properties of garlic make the vegetable one of the best for fighting cold. And other diseases. You might read in the news that garlic fights corona.

Well, we cannot go that far. WHO debunked that. But yes, garlic will help off with viruses and prevent them from infecting your body.

7. Thai Tempeh Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Recipe: rachaelhartleynutrition.com

If you love sweet potatoes as much as we do, you will love this vegan recipe. Soft and sweet baked potatoes are a creamy delight. Fill them with your favorite filling. For this recipe, we choose toasted peanuts, avocado, and some fresh herbs.

It is a crime to use sweet potatoes only as a side dish. You are missing out on the goodness. Sweet potatoes contain high-fiber carbs and lots of vitamins and minerals. Fun fact: sweet potatoes contain as much vitamin A as carrots. With this recipe, you also get some much-needed dose of protein. Great for a light lunch or dinner.

8. Green Goddies Immune Boosting Soup

Recipe: theviewfromgreatisland.com

Which is the healthiest color? Do you know? Well green, of course. Almost all leafy greens fall into the superfoods category. So, if you are in dire need for immune-boosting ingredients, go for green. Kale, spinach, broccoli, you name it.

9. Roasted Cauliflower With Honey Garlic Sauce

Recipe: kidseatbyshanai.com

Some people want a simple dish. If that is your thing, we have the best recipe for you. Cauliflower is a great vegetable, and you can eat in many different ways. Today, we went with a simple roasted recipe with some sweet sauce.

10. Superfoods Soup

Recipe: pinchofparsley.com

This can be your go-to soup for cold and flu. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the soup is light and nutritious. What we love the most is you get whole foods. Do not chop the veggies on tiny pieces. This way, you can really taste the foods.

11. One-Pot Hearty Soup With Lamb And Herbs

Recipe: saladmenu.com

You will rarely eat soup for lunch. The main reason for that, it is not as filling. You might be hungry afterward. Well, not with this lamb soup.

Meat and herbs is a classic combination for a soup. What we love here is the spicy taste of the soup.

12. Cozy Creamy Mushroom Lentil Soup

Recipe: ascensionkitchen.com

Most of the soups on our list are light and watery. Well, it is time for a creamy soup. And there is no better choice than mushrooms for a creamy soup. Add some lentils for even more creamy texture. Some bread as side dish, and you have a great and healthy lunch.

13. 20-minute Cranberry Orange Stir Fry

Recipe: halfbakedharvest.com

Who says you cannot have a stir-fry with fruits. Usually, a stir-fry is a chicken and vegetables recipe. Well, what about those who crave something sweet? Well, we have your solution.

The beauty of this stir-fry is that it is quick and easy to make. And you can leave it in the background. We are sure you have 20 minutes to spare for a healthy dish.

14. Crockpot Chicken Chilli Chowder

Recipe: llbalanced.com

Time for a take on the classic chicken soup. If you are bored with the classic recipe, it is time for some tweak and spin. We love the hot and spicy take here.

Chilli definitely adds spiciness to the soup. And if you can handle it, you will love it. This soup has two or three times more vitamins than the classic chicken soup.

15. Instant Pot Spring Vegetable Soup

Recipe: kitchenofyouth.com

Soup fanatics have only one problem. Whenever you turn on the stove for a soup, the whole apartment turns into a sauna. Well, the quick pot is your problem-solver. For your first take into the world of instant pot we recommend a tomato vegetable soup. Creamy and tasty, this soup is great for a healthy dinner.

16. Anti-Inflammatory Soup

Recipe: abalancedbelly.co.uk

Want to try some beets? They are definitely tasty and delicious. But most importantly, healthy. Beetroots will improve your circulation and strengthen your blood. Carrots provide vitamin A, and sweet potatoes provide fiber.

That is all you need for a great soup. Sprinkle some turmeric for a spicy and hot kick, and you are ready to go.

17. Instant Pot Immune Boosting Lemon Chicken Spinach Soup

Recipe: onlyglutenfreerecipes.com

There are many variations of chicken soup. Some like it creamy, others watery. For this recipe, we go with a watery take. You will notice the taste is a bit lighter and bitter. That is because of the lemon and spinach.

But look at this way. Spinach is a superfood, and one of the best leafy greens you can consume. Rich in iron and vitamin C, spinach will be an instant kick to your immune system.

18. Kale Mushroom Pasta

Recipe: veganonboard.com

Raise your hand if you knew pasta can be healthy? Well, it is all about the sauce. For this pasta recipe, you have one of the best superfoods, kale. Add in some mushrooms for protein, and your pasta is great. You can try any pasta, do not stick to one form.

19. Lemon Risotto And Roasted Tomatoes

Recipe: app.mindfulchef.com

Whenever you add lemon and tomatoes, you have a healthy dish. Lemons are the best source of vitamin C. And we know vitamin C is what your body needs to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Risotto is a great option for lunch and dinner. Creamy and tasty, you will love it.

20. Chickpea Noodle Soup

Recipe: upbeetkitchen.com

Let’s finish off with a take on the classic noodle soup. Again, we have leafy greens for immune-boosting properties. Hopefully, you found at least some recipes you will try. And if you have your own ideas, we would love to hear them.

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