20 Easy Yet Beautiful Wall Art Anyone Can Make

Wall art is one of the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way to breathe new fresh air to your home. You can easily transform your home in a matter of days, if not hours.

So, today, we will look at some prints, framed wall art, posters, and different wall art ideas to match your unique décor style.

For example, canvas art can hang on your wall without a conventional frame. This makes it a striking complement to any wall in your room. Let’s go.

1. Fabric On Canvas Wall Art

Tutorial: projectnursery.com

So, let’s start with canvas. We said before you do not need any conventional frame. And you do not have to be a painter to hang a canvas. You can find a fabric you like, apply it on canvas, and that is it. Simple, right?

2. Tin Tile Wall Art

Tutorial: averageinspired.com

The beauty of wall art projects is you can use absolutely anything you like. Just think of an item, and that is it. For example, you can use this tin tile wall art.

3. Faux Leather Strap Wall Art

Tutorial: lostmom.org

Faux leather is a cheap and simple way to add decor to your home. And you can use it in a number of ways. For example, here, you have a beautiful modern, contemporary, and urban wall art project. The black and white faux leather art can work in any home.

4. Large Floral Word Art

Tutorial: clubcrafted.com

Some people want simple and minimal decor, others want to go over the top. And if you fall into the latter group, flower wall art is the way to go. Just look at these flowers. They add so much color to your home. The end result is vivid, playful, and colorful.

5. Wood And Wire Wall Art

Tutorial: anikasdiylife.com

Why should you use wood? Well, if you want to add a different style, wood is the way to go. Why? Because wood works with different styles. For example, wood works in a modern setting, rustic setting, industrial setting, or urban setting. For this wall art, it is best that you have a bit of an urban home.

6. Repurposed Placemat Wall Art

Tutorial: whimziville.com

The sole purpose of DIY projects is to use something forgotten, and give it a new life. In this case, that is the placemat. You can see the placemat has run its course as a placemat. But now with a couple of seashells, stars, and similar accessories, we give it a new life.

7. Embroidered Canvas Art

Tutorial: persialou.com

Embroidery is a beautiful technique. And it is more and more popular with each day. The beauty of embroidery is you can make anything you like. And lately, embroidery incorporates pearls, beads, and other materials and accessories. You can go further than just fabric.

8. Origami Wall Display

Tutorial: designsponge.com

If you want something modern and contemporary, origami is the way. This Japanese technique is so striking, prominent, and absolutely stunning in the home. The wall art will instantly steal the looks of anyone entering the room. Just make sure to keep the rest of the decor at minimal.

9. Autumn Wreath

Tutorial: isoscella.co.uk

Wreaths are a typical decoration in English homes. They use it as household ornaments. Lately, they are popular in the US as well. We have different wreaths, depending on the occasion. For example, a wreath for Christmas, Thanksgiving, spring, winter, and so on. You do not have to use the exact same wreath for your home. Just make something you like.

10. Stenciled Burlap Canvas

Tutorial: prodigalpieces.com

Stencils are always a good idea. They help you paint or draw something even if you are not talented enough for drawing. Simply put, they guide you. Think about anything you like to accomplish, get the stencils for the objects, and go drawing.

11. Bend Wire Art/Memo Board

Tutorial: craftifymylove.com

Writing a word on your wall is one of the more popular trends lately. People usually go for words like hope, freedom, love, and so on. But it is up to you to choose the thing you like. You can write the word using a bend wire. Add some accessories for playfulness and colorfulness.

12. Colored Wood Grain Wall Art

Tutorial: club.chicacircle.com

Wood is a great base for a wall art. It is sturdy, modern, and rustic at the same time. Get some water colors, and get painting. Sometimes, even just applying some random colors is more than enough. Remember: the more mysterious your art looks, the better.

13. Moss Wall Art

Tutorial: crafty.house

Adding some greenery in the home is the latest trend among designers. But adding real grass or expensive green walls is not always an option. Luckily, there are cheap options. One of them is a moss wall art project. Much less than an $1,000 complete green wall, right?

14. Moroccan Wall Art

Tutorial: deliciousanddiy.com

The Moroccan trellis is the signature feature of the Moroccan art. Nowadays, you can find this pattern everywhere, from rugs to kitchen backslashes. And it is time to make its way to your wall as well. Moroccan art provides that oriental feeling to your home. It is a great contrast to a contemporary design.

15. Boho Yarn Wall Art

Tutorial: littlemissmomma.com

Boho style was quite popular in the early 2000s. It reached its height in 2005 thanks to actresses like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. And now, a decade after, boho is still a great way to accessorize your home. Using yarn, you can create beautiful boho style wall art in different colors. The only downside is boho is a bit pale in color.

16. Wood Pieces Wall Art

Tutorial: vickymyerscreations.co.uk

Do you need some rustic, yet modern element in your home? Go for a wood wall decor. There is no better way than wood for adding a touch of warm feeling in the home. You can use different woods for a playful effect.

17. Woven Cane Latch Hook Wall Hanging

Tutorial: akailochiclife.com

Some people want pale colors, other want vivid colors. If you fall into the latter group, this decoration will look wonderfully in your home.

18. Century Modern Gold Wall Decor

Tutorial: stencilstudios.com

You can never go wrong with gold. Yes, you have to be careful not to go over the head. But gold is a great way to add luxury and style to the home. Just keep it in minimal use.

19. Abstract Rainbow Painting

Tutorial: smilingcolors.com

We talked about painting before. The more mysterious your painting looks, the better. The beauty of paintings is in their mystery. You do not want clear shapes. At least not in these modern times. The rainbow has all the colors your home needs.

20. Graphic String Art

Tutorial: clubcrafted.com

Graphic elements are making a big comeback in the interior design. We almost forgot about them for a couple of years. Well,they are now back. And you should use them to their full potential.

There are many more ideas for a wall art you can try. But we didn’t want to go over the top. Hopefully, you found something suitable for your home.

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