18 DIY Play Stations For Endless Kiddie Fun

Do you know why some kids love preschool and daycare? And why do they work so wonderfully? It is all about the concept and component of free play with all the toys available. Kids have many activities available at their fingerprints.

And that is why they love daycare. Kids love to play, there is no other way around it. And while you cannot create a whole daycare at home, you can create a play zone.

Entertaining small children is easy when you have the right set of tools and equipment. So, with that in mind, we have some ideas how to keep your children busy and active. With schools and daycares possibly closed for a longer period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you need a play station for your kids.

1. Art Table

Tutorial: dukesandduchesses.com

Kids love drawing, painting, and playing with colors in general. Here, you have a blank canvas. Everything else is in play. You can let your kids be creative and play to their imagination. Your job is to provide colors and canvases.

2. PVC Play Table In A Bag

Tutorial: lalymom.com

The best part about this project is you can fold it and store it in a small place. Let’s not forget, storage is always a problem. The PVC folding play station provides a nice setup for kids to play with cars and vehicles. You can also teach them about some rules like crossing the street during playtime.

3. Fold-Down Murphy Desk And Storage

Tutorial: realitydaydream.com

A place to draw, write, paint? Check! Place with some storage? Check! Space saving? Check! What more can you ask for? This simple, yet useful project has it all.

4. 4-In-1 Activity Table

Tutorial: addicted2diy.com

Kids should be in trend as well as adults. We know that multi-functional and multi-purpose furniture is the hottest thing on the market now. That applies to your kids as well. They could use some play station that transforms in different stations as well. They can draw, play with their toys, get their LEGOs, and more.

5. Pet Grooming Salon

Tutorial: sunnydayfamily.com

Do you know why parents get pets for their kids? To teach them responsibility. You need to bathe your pet, feed it, walk it, and more. But if a real pet is too much for you, get a toy pet. You can still setup a pet grooming salon so your kids learn responsibility and taking care of others.

6. PVC Sensory Table

Tutorial: ateachingmommy.com

Sensory games are a no-fail option. You can never go wrong. The best part about sensory games is they open up free play. They encourage your kids to think outside of the box and come up with creative ideas for playing. Work that brain up!

8. Space Dramatic Play Station

Tutorial: earlylearningideas.com

Who says you cannot learn while playing? That is the whole idea of spending time with your kids. Learn through play. If you want to teach your kid more about our planet, sun, moon, and space, this play station will do the trick. And the best part is you can make it no time without spending a ton.

9. Outdoor Play Station

Tutorial: somewhatsimple.com

Your kids need to learn to be responsible with their toys. That means storing the toys in one place. You do not want toys all around the house, right? Well, this play station helps you achieve that. It provides a storage space for all the toys. But it is also a nice organizing tool.

10. Construction Zone Sensory Play

Tutorial: myboredtoddler.com

Construction is always a good idea. It helps teach your kids a lot of things about life. Most importantly, trying to find the right way to success and how to combine things together. As a sensory activity, construction allows your kids to let go their imagination.

11. Sensory Music Wall

Tutorial: adifferentkindofvision.blogspot.com

Some kids are into building, others are into singing. And if your kids love to sing and experiment with different sounds and instruments, we have the project for you. This project can substitute a couple of instruments. Of course, in an amateur way.

12. Water Table With Fountain Sprayers

Tutorial: practicallyfunctional.com

Sometimes, the simplest thing can be the most beautiful. In these summer and hot days, kids love to play with water. And this water fountain will let them play in a safe and controlled environment. The only downside is they will get soaking wet. Be prepared for changing clothes.

13. Pretend Play Fishing Alphabet Activity

Tutorial: funlearningforkids.com

If you don’t have a river or a lake close by to go fishing, you can go fishing in your backyard. It is a nice activity for your kids to play around in the backyard. And if you paint the fishes in different colors, kids can learn as well. That is the ultimate goal, try to learn something while playing.

14. Play Dough Creation Station

Tutorial: melissaanddoug.com

Play dough is the best thing you can get for arts and crafts. Every kid has its own favorite play dough recipe and project. This play station takes play dough to another level. It helps you keep things organized. You do not want play dough all around the home. This way, you keep it in one place.

15. Mud Kitchen

Tutorial: handsonaswegrow.com

Like many other kids projects, a mud kitchen will let your kids get dirty. Well, in many play games, that is what makes it fun and entertaining. But the beauty here is to keep it organized and in one place. Your kids will play as much as they like, and you can easily clean up afterward.

16. Upcycled Furniture To Kitchen Stationary

Tutorial: needleandnestdesign.blogspot.com

Some feminist might go berserk about this project. Why should little princesses learn how to cook? Forget the feminism side of it, and this upcycled kitchen stationary is loads of fun.

17. Dressing Table From Cardboard Box

Tutorial: childhood101.com

Speaking of a project for little princesses, here is a dressing room. Little girls love dressing up in different outfits. And look themselves in the mirror. Here is a project they will love spending time with.

18. PVC Water Play Station

Tutorial: mylifewithlittles.wordpress.com

We finish off with a simple, yet effective PVC water station. We said before water projects are great for the hot and summer day. And again, we take things to the next level with some sensory play and learning. Your kids can learn about different shapes and colors.

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